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Harmony 1100

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Ok, Picked up my 1100 on Father’s Day. Here are my issues so far. Can’t seem to get the timing right for powering up my gear. My 3D-BluRay player takes 30 seconds to come up to the main menu. If my Denon receiver gets up before the BR Player I won’t have any sound. So I’ve adjusted the delay options 50 ways and 500 hundred times. I’ve got it working now but I need to adjust the receiver time a bit more.

My Epson 3010 projector requires you to push the button twice to power it down. The 1100 is struggling trying to complete the command. I’ve tried to do everything the instructions say for this known issue and nothing is working. I know there’s a fix so I will just keep plugging away at it.

The 1100 won’t control the PS3 without some kind of adapter. Will pursue that later.

I have an Electronic Screen by Mustang. The codes are in the 1100 database but I can’t get it to work at all. The Screens remote only has 3 commands. Up, Down and Stop. The 1100 only has STOP on the menu? Go figure. I tried to do the learn/learn Raw option with the original Screen remote but the 1100 didn’t even respond to it in the learning mode.

Last thing, I’m disappointed there is no way to lock the touch screen or a way to lock the remote for unauthorized use. If someone grabs the remote with the thumb on the touch screen then it will activate whatever button was accidently touched. I would think this would have come up more on the forums but I guess no one has kids or just curious folks in the theater room. Any help with any of my issues would be greatly appreciated….

Wayne.... smile.gif
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Just to get it out of the way, no IR remote will control a PS3. Blutooth or usb adapter is required, usb does not allow for power control. Some folks have used the HDMI CEC control available on equipment to control their PS3 as well.

The Epson may have the option in its menu to change to a single button press to power off. If not just to that device in the equipment list and thru the wizard for it's set up. Then when you get to power options, you indicate that you need more button presses when it comes to power off. You will then be given an additional command box in which to enter the necessary command.

Is the mustang screen controlled by RF(most projection screens are)? You cannot teach RF to an IR remote. There is a thread in this section of someone coming up with a do it yourself solution for converting IR to RF in order to be able to control RF equipment. It was posted on recently so you should be able to find easily.

No lock feature or option unfortunately.

Good luck.

Edit: Here is the IR to RF thread I was referring to.


Also owners thread.

It's vast, but some specific search terms should bring up relative information.
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Thank you Sir...Good lookin out. cool.gif
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Originally Posted by oman321 View Post

Just to get it out of the way, no IR remote will control a PS3.

Buy this. Take Bluetooth and converts to IR

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