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Cat Peed on TOP of speaker!

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I laid a notebook on top of my vintage speaker, came back int he room and the cat had peed on it! the speaker too.

The speakers have old-fashoned linen grilles cat peed on one a month ago but I cleaned it with citrus. Did the same to the other. Cant smell pee.
I just read some horror storesd about Cats peeing in expensive NAD amps and Marantz's . eek.gif

I'm gonna have to lock my system down! frown.gif
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just fyi, cat peeing out of bounds sometimes is a sign of a urinary tract infection, or it was with mine anyway. took him to vet, got abx & no more p-p lol. you're right, it's a mess!!! mine pissed on the front of my f12 sub lol. eek.gif
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Your cat is trying to tell you that you need to pay less attention to your laptop and more to your cat. Pets can get quite jealous.

Edited to add: wtxgringo's explanation may be quite right, too. Cats do like to relax on warm surfaces like leptop keyboards. It might have been an involuntary accident.
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Aren't cats fun? wink.gif
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Take an old conventional mouse trap, the one with the bar that folds back and is spring-loaded. Set it, and carefully lay it on top of your speaker upside down. The next time the cat jumps on the speaker will be his last - the flying trap and the snap of it setting will scare the bejeezus out of it and it will never go there again (and not hurt the cat).

I agree though, this was probably not altogether a voluntary action by the kitty.
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Cats hate citrus. The one I sprayed citrus on the first time he only sleeps on it.

Cat isnt Neutered. But will be pretty soon. He doesn't do it near furnature often.

He goes outside, but he's afraid of anything that makes a sound when he's out so he'll beg to be let in.
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On a slightly different note, I had a cat once, black with yellow green eyes. My garage had one of those hinged doors.

I had it just slightly up, my race mechanic was over to work on the bike and my cat came over the top of door from the outside.

My mechanic looked up from a slight sound and could only see the eyes glowing in the dark from the top of the garage at the top of the door, he staggered and later admitted he thought the Grimm reaper was there to get him.
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did the cat act like it had to go to the bathroom before this happened? My cats meow at my door to go out. if I wait a long time to let them out sometimes they pee on the floor. Does the room have a door where you can shut it when you have to leave for a bit? This way you can monitor the cat while you are in the room. Maybe he just had to go to the bathroom bad. Are any other cats in the house that it may be jealous of? Sometimes when you neuter the cats they still spray. I have a orange cat that I let in only sometimes if it's raining or bad weather or really cold. He will start spraying within 5 minutes of being in the house. I still like him and pet him and feed him outside but he sprays to much to be an inside cat.

I found these articles http://cats.about.com/od/faqsbehavior/f/howtostopcatsprayingurine.htm
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according to that site

Spray a pet repellent on your floors that is designed to ward off a cat's spraying habits. These repellents have an odor that cats are either unfamiliar with or have disdain for, which causes them to avoid that specific area. Find the spots where your cat sprays frequently, and spray the pet repellent there to avoid further sprays.

Clean the areas where your cat is spraying frequently with a product that has natural enzymes known to get rid of odor-causing bacteria.

Read more: Tips on Stopping Cats From Spraying | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/info_8080611_tips-stopping-cats-spraying.html#ixzz1yJfUVzGr
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