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Pioneer AVH-2400BT Bluetooth Problem

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Hello, folks.
Recently installed a Pioneer AVH-2400BT unit in my Pilot, in general love it, primarily use it via Bluetooth with my Droid2 Global phone.

One problem is that occasionally Bluetooth gets a bit flaky - lots of interrupts - and sometimes it won't connect at all. Sometimes restarting the car helps, but on a couple occasions I had to un-pair, wipe Bluetooth memory, and redo the pairing in order to get BT working again. Thankfully, I can always connect the phone via cable, but that way I lose control from the unit and from steering wheel.

Thing is, I am not sure it is my phone or the Pioneer. My phone is rooted, with all bloatware cleaned out, and I wonder if I damaged some BT handling software.

Anyone also uses AVH-2400BT with an Android phone via BT? Any issues?

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My post isn't going to be too helpful, but here's my 2 pennies:

I have a 2400BT, too and a Thunderbolt. I had a custom ROM on the TB, and had problems making phone calls over BT. Audio worked just fine. So, I flashed back to stock rooted and everything is working fine now.

Question: when does it get flaky? After a while or right away?

My advice is to backup your current ROM in CWR, then flash a fully stock rooted ROM. See if it's still having problems. If it still is, then its the H/U. If its fixed, you deleted something you shouldn't have smile.gif
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Thanks. I think I might need to test it using another phone. My phone sometimes has problems pairing with devices (have to use Safe Mode), but once paired, it works fine - i.e with a headset, headphones etc. But with 2400BT, it initially paired fine, but after about a month, audio got all stuttery, and next time the car started, would not connect at all. Deleting the pairing from both phone and H/U AND clearing BT memory in system settings allowed me to re-pair and it worked ok for a while - then it happened again, had to do same. But recently, it re-occurred, and not H/U and phone can't pair even with phone in safe mode.

I think I might have to go for a warranty replacement...
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