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Dalite Insta-Theater with Widepower advice

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Hi, I'm looking at getting the insta-theater from Dalite, which has the widepower screen, how does this screen material compare with the highpower? Do I still need to mount the projector above my head to get the right effectiveness? thanks
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I cannot compare the two, but I'll comment on the the Da-Lite theatre light (same wide power 2.2 gain screen material) since I own one..
The screen is retro reflective so the center of the screen and projector should be about eye level for best results, maximum gain..There is a good veiwing angle of 45 degrees..The screen vs my matter white is noticeably brighter, the whites are much more vibrant , it will give a clear sharp bright image...screen surface is very smooth and slightly transparent.
I can see anohter big benefit, 3D viewing, the brightness willl be a big plus

But there are some bad points as well..the high gain kills the blacks..it's more greyish when I compare to my mattwhite, the screen is very light but very flimsy as well it will act as a sail and move about if you just walk buy it, air from a fan for example will become a problem...the verticall corners curl inwards abit...it was like that the first time I used it out of the box brand new and has slighty worsened...The slight curl on the corners does affect the image but just slighty..I say avoid the high gain screens unless your projector has a dim image to begin with. However if you have lights on in the room, the high gain will help in these situations...
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