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The Microsoft "Surface" tablet seems to be getting glowing reviews, for those of you who.... - Page 2

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Originally Posted by StardogChampion View Post

I wonder what "Micro HD video" connector is. I don't see HDMI anywhere here.

I believe it's a mini port that the other end of cable can HDMI
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Originally Posted by Artslinger View Post

I also bought a Windows phone 7 on launch and really like it, Skydrive and Office are nice features.
I read all current phone will not be upgradable to Winows Phone 8.
Older phones will get an update a Phone 7.8 that will be delivered directly to Windows Phone users that will bypassing the carriers.

Yup. I'll upgrade my phone. Hello new 2yr contract...
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I'll stick with WP7.8 until my contract ends in the hope that there will be a new VZW WP8 phone with a slide out keyboard.
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I'm more of a phablet guy. Just give me a 5" phone and my laptop, don't need anything in between.
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Originally Posted by PubFiction View Post

But we do know that we often see people lugging around a decent laptop for work / jobs, and a tablet, often they have a keyboard for their tablet. Chargers, extra chargers, as well as their phone.
Total cost over 1500 for those setups, then the fact all that junk weighs a ton and they cant seem to drop any one device. If they could it would be the tablet. If one device can replace multiple and be less than 1500 then some people are going to see the value in that. Your whole list is full if items each manufacturer can manipulate for diference uses and price points.
Also I feel like I am the only one who is really excited that soon after we could see these surface keyboards showing up as cases for typical smart phones. How nice would that be to have a real keyboard that is paper thin and flips around to protect the screen or back out of the way and can be stored either way.

If I were a user like you describe I would probably just tote around an ultrabook
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Originally Posted by Mfusick View Post

Btw... Steve is dead. The PC is not.

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As a graduate student, I think Surface or any of the Windows a convertible/transformable options would be great for a student or a worker vs an ultrabook or laptop. I have tried both in the past year, and really think a truly convertible tablet is the way to go. The biggest problem with a laptop is that you can't take notes on it, even if you are the fastest typist out there. You run into the problem of drawing things like graphs. I think OneNote already is an excellent handwriting, note taking program. If you've never taken notes with such a program it is actually surprisingly great. Definitely a great way to keep notes organized, and already feels superior(for myself a least) to pen and paper, just because of the easy organization. Definitely makes coming home to work on papers or homework so much easier. The great thing about a convertible in this situation is I wouldn't have to have another device. And if I did indeed need to type something, or do well organized research, a true browser, with a good note taking program again, works best. So why bring an entirely new device when I can have a keyboard and tablet as one device. And I mean one that truly works. Not the poor keyboards that everything outside of the Transformers have to deal with for the most part. One complete with true mouse and touchpad support would be truly great as well. This is where I think a device like the Asus Taichi or Microsoft Surface Pro will succeed. Two portable devices is overkill if one does both well.

And that's why Windows 8 is why it is the way it is.

I honestly find the desktop mode on the Release Preview of 8 superior to Win7's desktop. It is just a more solid, sleek and feature filled desktop OS right now. If you are on a desktop computer, you simply don't have to deal with metro at all until you need start menu functions or you just want to play with an app for some reason. You can still pin programs to the taskbar or make desktop icons. If you have 2 or three monitor, the live tiles are actually cool on one of the monitors to keep up to date with stuff like Email or news, just like on WP7(love that OS). So complaining about metro on a desktop falls on deaf ears to me. Don't use it. Use the desktop.

As a touch OS I really like it, and I'm using an old Iconia. Really snappy and works great as a consumption device. At the same time, I can take notes and pull up actual programs. I could imagine this thing really kicking ass if it was a bit bigger and had a really nice keyboard/trackpad for those times I really need to type or access a database on the go. With a more powerful device that has a nice keyboard/trackpad, I would dump the laptop in a second. I think many will see the same once they really get o work with windows 8 in both environments.
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Originally Posted by jeffkro View Post


I try to be.


Seriously- The PC is not dead. And I don't worship Steve Jobs like a god either. He was just a rich guy with a couple cool ideas.
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