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when to power on devices?

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Hi Guys

It's likely this has been covered at some point in this thread but I've failed to find it so I hope you can help me out.

I'm setting up iRule to control a small HT room (BD/HDD, Cable box, TV, AVR) as well as a second and third zone via the aforementioned AVR. Two of the devices do not have discreet power on/off codes (BD/HDD and Cable box) and the BD/HDD is used for playback in all zones.

I've settled on the home page containing system on and off buttons (that do just what they say and control the power of all devices), and activity buttons for each available activity in each zone. These buttons have no power commands, just input switching etc, and when pressed. From anywhere in the system the user can press the Home button to return to this screen and select another activity.

This design works well without problem except in the following situations.

1. On return to this screen, user presses the system on button again even though the system is already on. This would toggle the power of the non-discreet components and turn them off.

2. At start up (or when returning to this screen when the system power is off) the the user presses the system off button which would actually toggle the power of the two non-discreet components to a power on state.

Is there a better way to handle system on/off? what are your thoughts?

EDIT [sorry, have reposted in correct iRule thread]
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This is a very common problem. I don't know what capabilities iRule has in terms of conditional branching, but there are a couple of techniques commonly used on remotes for handling devices with toggle only power commands, commonly called TOADs.

- Always leave the device on. This is a common solution for cable boxes since there isn't much difference in power consumption whether they're on or in standby. If you do this, simply remove all CBL power commands from your macros.

- Use an alternate command. Some disc players will turn on with a Play command. So you can use Play for Discrete On and Play followed by Power for Discrete Off.

- Use variables to track the power states. For example, consider using one bit, B, for tracking the power state. For Discrete On, if B is false, Power toggle and set B, else do nothing. For Discrete Off, if B is true, Power toggle and clear B, else do nothing. For this to work consistently, iRule (or whatever universal remote you use) must be the only way you turn the device on and off. Otherwise it won't know the state. If it gets out of sync, you can always get back by simply sending a Power toggle.
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