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5.1 + Receiver under $500

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Hello All
I have 55 inches LED and would like to now buy a good HT system. I was hooked onto buying a Bose 5.1 that's is arnd the 1K range. Then I came to know that I ALSO need a receiver that runs about 300-400 for a decent piece. You by now know the depth of my knowledge! After reading online a bit about Bose overall review is Bose is over-priced and there are plenty other better/cheaper options, correct me if I am wrong.
So my question is this... can I have a 5.1+ receiver in $500 or less range that is as good as Bose? If yes can you point me to some forums where I can learn more about the configs in that price range?

Thanks for your help.
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If you are able to save some money, then you can build sections at a time,
and end up doing better.
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zieglj01 posted some good options in the $500 range. However, would you consider spending your original $1,000 budget?

If you want small, you could get 5 of these:

That leaves room for a $250 receiver (Denon 1712 perhaps) and $250 for a sub.

I'm of the opinion that bigger speakers are better, but if you need something small, those NHTs are nice. If you have room for standard bookshelf sized speakers, you could always go with the Polk Monitors. They go on sale every couple of weeks, so you keep your eye out.

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Thanks zieglj01 and guns&motorcycles for your response. I know I was pushing for 1K range since it was a Bose system. I am only trying to get the same type of output in a smaller budget. 1K was definitely going to be a stretch for me.

A friend recommended this system,


Pro's-Cons please!

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