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Thinking about ditching the UMC-1

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So for a very long time I wanted the EMO UMC-1 since I was running their amps, but my Onkyo TX-NR807 was serving me quite well. Once the release of the XMC was announced I was able to obtain a brand new in box UMC so I decided to grab it and sell my Onkyo to my brother. I'm not 100% dissapointed with doing this, but the "WOW" factor hasn't been there and I've been using it hardcore for the past 3 months in my HT.

I'm sure the sounds are clearer and cleaner, but I just don't hear it. The decoding is pretty much the exact same as the 807. Every movie I play on my HTPC is HD-Master anyhow. I feel their room correction software isn't has in depth as Audyssesy. I didn't care for the 1 sub out, but that's easily fixed with a cable which I still haven't done yet. I also notice I have to turn the volume on the UMC-1 up to 70/100 to get the same output I got from the 807 at -20db. Perhaps Onkyo's send stronger pre-out signals?

Even though I really need to upgrade my speakers I'm considering selling the UMC and going back to what I know; a Onkyo/Integra, or maybe a Denon, Yamaha, etc. pre/pro. Would you all say I should just wait and worry about my speakers or part ways with it and get something else? I've tried other speakers, Klipsch wanna-be's Accoustech's, but I don't run any of them under 80hz since I have subs, so I've been content for the longest. I guess I'm just not in aww over the UMC like I always thought I would've been. Anything out there right now worth pulling the trigger on or should I wait? I'd hate to keep messing with rcvr's and pre-pro's when there's other things I could be getting ( another PJ =) ), but everyone has one part they upgrade the most eh? If it would be advise to upgrade (now or later) the amount I will spend usually stays the same at between $1,000.00-$1,500.00

Thanks everyone,
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I suspect a Denon or Marantz AVR or pre would be better. It seems that you are quite disappointed in the UMC, compared to the Onkyo.
Although I don't think you can get a pre/pro for under $1500, so you are looking for an AVR w/preouts.
Since you are using the same speakers as before, the difference in the sound is clearly not their problem, even though you seem also wanting to upgrade them.
Its basically, take your pick as to which you upgrade first...as it sounds like you want to do both.
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How about an Anthem MRX with ARC.
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I find myself in a similar position, having recently purchased the UMC-1, getting rid of a Onkyo tx-nr5007. I can't say I notice a cleaner sound. I do not find Emo-Q all that useful. I now have a separate amp, and I do believe I have a little more headroom at very high volumes, but that's it. And the audio sync in the UMC-1 drives me crazy! I will probably wait until the XMC-1 comes out and see how the reviews are, maybe get one, but have no reservations about returning it if it cannot meet my expectations. Other alternatives I am considering are the Anthem MRX, or possibly something with Audyssey Pro (a lot more $$).
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Marantz AV7005 pre can be found for under $1500. Soundvideo@comcast.net. They have them in stock.
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That's good to know about the 7005. I went to the Audyssey site to see which AVRs and processors are installer ready (Pro kit capable), and I was pleasantly surprised to see so many! The Onkyo nr818, with XT32 and pro capable, seems like a steal. (Obviously one has to buy the Pro kit as well).
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I was actually going to get a 7005, but it doesn't have XT32... I really like how the new Audy can tune two subs
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I had the UMC-1 in my system and it did not wow me either when compared to my Onkyo 886. Emo-Q is basically useless as a room correction system. The so called it "sounds are clearer and cleaner" line about the UMC-1 is more a myth than anything else IMO. I recently bought a Denon 4311 that has XT32 and I'm very happy with it. Don't listen to those that say a dedicated prepro is better than using an AVR for a prepro. I've used both dedicated prepros and AVRs as prepro with excellent results with both.

I believe the 4311 can still be found for under $1300 which IMO is a much better deal than the Marantz AV7005 which does not have XT32. Here is a thread that discusses the 4311 being sold by Electronics Expo.

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