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RowOne baby seat ... ;o)

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Hi guys,

My 8 RowOne seats (ordered from Stargate Cinema) were recently delivered.
While I'm still building my Theater, I can't set them all up yet, but I unpacked
one of them to try out ! I just love them ! Great quality and looking good !

Now I did a quick photoshoot of it with my baby son in it ...
Maybe you'd like the photo ? smile.gif

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He looks a little old for a beer .
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Cute pic of the kid, you just have to put a real beer in the picture though.
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I'm going to pass this on to Row One. They'll love it.
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Hello Beatbrother,

Great picture with the tike. Do you still have one? Would like to use it for a man cave PowerPoint.

Let me know.

Happy Holidays!

Robert Cribbs
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