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Alright so I just purchased a western element 2TB external, a wireless keyboard, and a polk CS1 center speaker (pretty excited cause that just made my viewing expierence sooo sick w/ the wireless keyboard and all that room to store my movies and shows haha). I never processed for some reason that I needed a reciever/amplifier for the center speaker to work instead I just kind of hoped it would just plug into my VAIO laptop. I have a 42" pioneer TV that hooks up to my laptop with a hard hdmi cable. So far I've been looking at stuff like
but I really don't know as much about this stuff as you vets do so some help is needed. I am willing to drop up to $300 to $400 preferably $300. If there is a home theater setup that is decent that comes with a amp/rec that is great too. And if it has a wood finish on the outside that just betters it's awesomeness for me. Also a setup guide would be great like what wires I need to buy. If you need anymore information just comment.