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What is a used PANASONIC PTAE2000 worth today?

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Would you pay $700 for a used PANASONIC PTAE2000 with 1,300 hrs. on it?

Unit is 100% functional and appears to be in excellent cosmetic condition (seller sent me photos).
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It's a fair price but I've seen lower. For a different kind of comparison, I sold my much older JVC RS1 w/ about 800 hours on the 2nd lamp for $849 which I think has much better contrast about a month ago. Granted, that one cost about $5k when new.

My current Sony VW60 (about the same vintage as the ae2000) also has more advantages but price higher.

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I offered $600 and I would cover shipping charges and he refused. He is standing firm at $700 + PayPal $21.22 + I pay for shipping....

I currnently have an Infocus IN76 with just under 800 hrs. on it and I am quite statisfied with the image it throws, I just want to upgrade to 1080P.

Do you think I would notice a huge difference in picture quality vs. my Infocus?

I can just see the wife now; "the picture looks the same to me".
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Funny, I did have an Infocus IN76 and my wife DID make the same comment, other than she is RBE sensitive, so I had to unload it. Along the way, I also had old Panny models but not the ae2000 but got the Sanyo z4000 instead. Contrast specs were way over exagerated. I unload my pj's quite fast.

The only time she noticed was when I upgrade to the JVC, a huge jump in depth and contrast, almost CRT-black.

IMHO, you will definitely see more clarity/details due to sheer number of pixels. Don't know what your budget is but moving from DLP to LCD is not something I would do again, but would look for something like a JVC or Sony LCoS projector. There are couple in AVS and videogon listed. If it's not for RBE and fan noise, DLP gives a sharper picture than LCD, and LCoS. LCD and LCoS do give you a lot of flexibility for installation. Panny also offers a lot of features for the money, but none that I care for. Ultimately I love to watch a great movie more than sports or games. The Sony is more versatile in these aspects than the JVC.

In the last 10 years, I have pretty much own most of the mid to low end pjs, a typical AVS junkie.
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Thanks for the feedback, you make me feel better now. I too am an AVS junkie, always looking to upgrade equipment, tweaking, tetsing, etc.

I was going to pull the trigger at $600, but the guy would not budge at all. If I were able to audition it I would pay full price but not being able to verify 100% proper opertaion until it was in my home and after I paid for it is just too risky for me.

I think I will stick with my Infocus IN76 until a better deal for a 1080p unit comes along.

I too have my eyes set on a JVC RS1 but those available are going for $1,000 to $1,200 and I too agree that they can be had for approx. $700 to $800 with less than 1,000 hours.

I am in no rush so I will keep looking until the right deal comes along.
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