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need to know what amp to buy for 2 Alpine SWX 1243d Type X subs

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Hi, I have a 2012 Ford Fusion (if that matters), and looking to purchase a nice sound system for my car online. I don't really know a lot (and i will have to take it somewhere to get installed). I think I've determined that I will be buying 2 Alpine SWX 1243d Type X 12" subs, and I'm looking for an amp that would work for it.
I care more about performance than price. I want to be drawing the right amount of power to the subs, and not sure what to get.

Thanks for the advice
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Type X? Nice subwoofer.

What is your listening goals?
Sound Quality

For a pair of those subs, you can run a 2 kilowatt amplifier on those beasts.

I am a fan of Sundown Audio SAZ line. They run cool, are efficient, put out rated + power and have a good crossover and subsonic filter.

I would look at ordering a sub enclosure design from PWKdesigns.com

Best 50 bucks you will spend.

The enclosure will have more of an effect than amplifier on end sound.

Any decent brand should have a good Class D amplifier out there. Class D will run cooler and be more efficient than class AB or G/H amplifiers.

Sorry I didn't give more examples yet.
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i'm guessing by power you are referring to loudness?
if so both, but sound quality is more important to me than loudness

yeah, i know bigger boxes help the sound, i have a hsu-vtf15 sub for my home theater and that box is HUGE:P
i know those subs have a recommended box to them but that is too big for my trunk

for amp - i want something that is powerful enough to supply power to the subs for full power but not draw too much power from my alternator/battery (do I have to be worried about this, i'm not extremely car knowledgeable).

like i said early, my vehicle is a 2012 fusion, so i dont know if some amps are to physically big for it either, once i get an enclosure case for the subs

(I do need to maintain a trunk to haul groceries and such in, i'm not planning to lose the trunk).

let me know which amp you think I should buy. Cost is really no issue (i have no problems paying up to $700 online if you tell me it will get me better performance/not drain my car's "main" power)
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I would recommend one or two Alpine PDX amps, they will provide you with PLENTY of power while having a nice small footprint.
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so you are saying I should buy the ALPINE PDX-F4? Are you also suggesting that I should but two of them? Does it make much of a difference between having one and two amps?
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I suggest that instead of 2 12's, get a single 12. Especially since space is a premium. I would rather give a single sub enough room than put 2 subs in a too small box. Add in that you don't want to do any electrical upgrades.

The Alpine PDX amps are nice. Small, efficient. Good crossover.

The Sundown audio SAZ1000D would fit the bill.

JL Audio HD750 would as well.

To be honest, there are sooo many amps that I could recommend. I am a huge fan of Sundown because I use it and have for almost 5 years. I use the SAZ1500D on a single sub in my car.

Are you locked in on the Type X subs? Consider the Type R? With your power limitations, the Type X may be overkill.
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yeah, I'm locked into the 2 subs, cause I ordered them on ebay already:P
Let me know which amp you think would work the best with it.
if its the pdx-f4 or something else that will work the best with the two subs. Any and all advice is appreciated:)
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I'm getting two type x alpine subs and im goin to power both with mrp-m2000 alpine amp. little on expensive but worth it in the long run.
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You don't need any crazy expensive amp especially sundown a lot better options for that power range . Hifonics brz 1700 off of sonic. Great amps for the money. If you want a amp that's can put a little more then rated then look towards crescendo they rate their amps at 13.8volts
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