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Brave in theaters 3D

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So I went with the family today to checkout Pixar's Brave (for my last day of vacation boo hisss). We didn't go to the IMAX 3D, just the regular screen. I don't know if that makes a difference or not.

The movie is, as is Pixar's norm, stunningly beautiful. The way Princess Merida's hair bounced and flowed was amazing. And they made sure to point it out to you at almost all points during the movie. Her horse was really well done as well. I actually wish they would have included more scenes with the horse. I am still kind of in awe at just how beautiful the picture was...until I remember the movie...meh.

That's my review, Meh. It's just a princess story, nothing more. I had heard that this was the case, but it's Pixar so I figured the early reviews missed the nuance. Nope. I think about THREE times they played some crappy pop jingle bs. I expected more from Pixar. I think there will be no turning back for them now.

So the 3d, that's what we're here for correct? Since I am not versed in this technology as well as I'd like to be, I'll keep it simple: I wasn't that impressed with the 3d. Now, I can't remember the last animated film I saw in 3d at the theater so I am having trouble with comparison. The last 3d flick I saw was Prometheus which I thought was fantastic 3d, but that's not animated.

Maybe I expected more of an animated film kind of 3d where they use all the gimmicks. Maybe I'm just remembering how natural Prometheus looked. Of course there were a few scenes where the 3d looked good, I can't lie about that. Specifically, when our Princess rides through the forest on her horse shooting at targets. That looked amazing. But the rest of the movie really just seemed to be bland. Was Pixar maybe shooting for that more 'natural' look a la Prometheus?

Am I in the minority with my view on the 3d?

EDIT: My apologies, I didn't see the Brave thread in this section.
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I was not all that impressed with the 3D either. Very little depth. No pop-out at all as far as I can remember. I could barely tell it was in 3D.
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I thought the 3-D was good but the color was off in one eye, so some colors didn't pop correctly. It looked a lot like watching a live show with old binoculars. Can't blame Pixar for that.

I thought the movie itself was a big disappointment. That I can blame Pixar for.
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I thought the movie was garbage and the 3D was mediocre at best. The sound was decent however (dolby atmos).
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Commentary: For those that post their opinions about 3D quality, it would be helpful if you included if it was IMAX or otherwise.
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