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I am looking for the best camcorder to record my outdoor adventures (backpacking, kayaking, etc..) I already have a waterproof/shockproof Panasonic TS2, but I am looking for a camcorder that takes great quality video, to capture the majority of the video on our trips. I am upgrading from a Canon M300 camcorder with the H37II wide angle converter.

What do I want?
- wide angle lens
- low light quality
- solid image stabilization
- great overall video quality for landscapes and animals

What am I considering, but thinking in circles about? I am looking at the following 3 camcorders, please let me know if I am missing any that I should consider.

Canon Vixia M500 (descent price at $527)
- at 43.4mm the lens is not wide enough, I would need to purchase the WD-H43 ($170, brings me to $697)
- image stabilization score of 1.85 on (this concerns me)

Panasonic X900M
- great ratings and all the features I want, but the price tag is high ($900), I don't need all the manual controls, is there a camcorder out there that will give me the same quality, wide lens and stabilization?

Panasonic V700M (cheap at $464)
- concerns with the video quality after reading the reviews about the poor color and white balance

For instance, how is the Sony CX580V? I did not find a good review on it, but at $800 it would only save me $100 over the X900M -- not sure it's worth it.

Thanks! Any feedback is much appreciated.