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Secret Haiku

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In madness, reason comes;
a mutual surrender,
love blossoms sweetly
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Here are some others from you today... as best I can remember, but I don't think exact representations:

Each myth carefully debunked
All warnings be damned

Stewart and Colbert
Drinking, Laughing, the whole time
Best part of the day

...and my response...

u r 2 for 2
love both, very much I do
cannot wait for more
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...and the original, so they are all in one place:

Rich treasures abound,
the simple matter obscured;
joy to me, you are.
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And from 7/3, plus two new ones!


A simple gesture
Hot coffee brought to the door
I value these things


Nope, not lame at all!
beholder's eye matters most;
happy I am seen


Not about winning;
all about sharing these things;
memories are made


Memories leave me;
fading treasures of the past;
strong though, my feelings


And two new ones to clarify the memory one above...

The curve of your neck;
Warm body, soft skin, sweet smell;
Please oft remind me.


Your eyes entrap mine;
The world fades, a blurry trance;
Forget, I cannot.
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Now for the fortune cookie. If my memory serves, I wrote you the T.O.U. text on a Saturday many many weeks ago while I was at my brother's house helping him install his media room in the attic. I remember being contorted up in the confines of the rafters for hours, feeling like it was 100 degrees the whole time, but smiling because of you. I can't remember exactly if this was the Saturday before we met at Bonefish Grill, but I think so. That night I got a fortune cookie that said something very close to...


I know what you are thinking... I can imagine your immediate question being "Do you want to stop it?".

The answer is no -- that is completely irrelevant. I read it to mean it is not fleeting.
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And now for the first of many trips. Without the optional part at the end, this would be accomplished in two weeks. If we're only talking a week at a time, then I would probably shoot for only one destination per trip.

Montreal 2 1/2 days

Stay: Ritz Carlton

  • Vieux-Montreal
  • Jean-Talon Market
  • St. Joseph's Oratory

  • Eating
  • Pub crawling

Ireland or Scotland (a little hard to get to the distillery area in Scotland) 4 days

Stay: Ritz Carlton in Enniskerry (Ireland) or something like the Highland Inn (Scotland) http://www.whiskyinn.com/index.html



  • Jameson distillery tour
  • Outdoor hiking
  • Picnic
  • Drinking, laughing, drinking, laughing, drinking, laughing... you get the idea

Istanbul 5 days

Stay: Ritz Carlton

  • See exotic things
  • Eat exotic things
  • Drink exotic things

Optional, but nice...

Wiehl, Germany 3 days

Stay: My dad's (or a local hotel if you prefer, but dad's is best)

  • Hike the imperceptible trail
  • Go to the lake that starts imperceptible
  • Visit Cologne and sitesee
  • Eat
  • Drink
  • Be happy
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Today's haiku (7/4 - Independence Day)


The 4th of July;
Red, white, and blue everywhere,
Parade and fireworks


A cookie's simple message,
guessed a bright future
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Another one to which you replied biggrin.gif...

Your mannerisms,
so uniquely define you;
I cherish your words
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And now for the description I promised to share of Cleopatra. I find this description mostly fitting, but would add -- as I've said before -- you are completely striking in your beauty :-)

For her actual beauty, it is said, was not in itself so remarkable that none could be compared with her, or that no one could see her without being struck by it, but the contact of her presence, if you lived with her, was irresistible; the attraction of her person, joining with the charm of her conversation, and the character that attended all she said or did, was something bewitching. It was a pleasure merely to hear the sound of her voice, with which, like an instrument of many strings, she could pass from one language to another; so that there were few of the barbarian nations that she answered by an interpreter.
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My memory is so bad that even though you repeated it for me I still don't think I got it right!


Don't crease your forehead;
Volumes said without speaking;
Now there is no doubt.


I wish I could remember it perfectly -- it really made my day. So nicely done and just is simply very meaningful to me. It is so hard to believe that someone feels the way I do, but more importantly feels this way about me... I am kind of dumbstruck right now thinking about it.
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A new one inspired by today's conversation. Good luck... maybe Tuesday smile.gif

Utter me the words;
Together, always... someday;
Thank you, love, I do.

You are too clever to have figured that out so easily. You say it's easy, but the reality is you're either very clever or know what I think -- either way I like it!

Here's the one you gave me Sunday night...

Talking soft, at ease;
Working through thoughts in your mind.
My favorite time.

All I can say is it is very tender. The fact that you like it when I'm doing this is so special to me. I am double dumbstruck now.
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Wow, it was great to see you :-)...and unexpected apparently ;-)

Don't know what got into to me. Could not make eye contact to save my life. Talk about role reversal!

I thought about it, and I think this is what it was. I think the issue is there is a physical boundary, but not an emotional one. For me, it is hard to distinguish the two and I had to alter how I might have interacted given the boundary. If I had made eye contact for any period of time, you would have been saying something like "you're giving me that look". It is how I feel, though, so it was very confusing for me to navigate.

I think that is the best way to describe it. Basically, trying to respect the situation by suppressing how I felt. Not so easy and I guess it caused me to pretty much be shy and shut down.

But, you are amazing in that you wanted to set my mind at ease, called me immediately, joked with me, and walked me out of that confusing place. Not sure why I deserve to be so lucky :-)
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Hands; left to wander.
Cool and dark, thoughts; left to spin.
Words; left unpsoken.
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You doze; warm embrace.
I whisper words silently,
again and again.
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And in response to yours today...

Electric feeling;
Breath short, pulse elevated;
Distracted by you!
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The first one is my favorite- by far. A perfect treasure itself. New ones- Enjoy!

Slowly yet quickly,
constant yearning for a hit
addiction complete.

An indiscretion,
building anticipation.
A war of wills burns...

Hands are intertwined
Heads are ignoring hard facts
Hearts are connected
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An unexpected kiss;
Fatal flaw, it might be; yet,
lightning strikes instead.
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On our private plane, I wrote this one in anticipation of later...

No focus, no thoughts:
briefly, time needs to march on;
then stop forever.

And your beautiful composition regarding last night...

Tender confession;
whispered -- nothing else matters.
A wave of relief.
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Your touch makes me burn.
Not enough time in this life.
Bodies writhing; heat.

Souls have collided.
The path forward is unclear.
Make me believe you.
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Your words paralyze;
My mind escapes; searing lips --
rising flesh, soft cries.
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1. Warning or a fact?
A clever means to escape?
Your words carry weight.

2. Signs are everywhere.
But do they warn or endorse?
How do we read them?

3. My head is swimming.
So much to analyze now.
Will this soon be dull?

4. Five weeks is too long
to be without your presence.
I hope I survive.

5. Anticipation;
Sanity was left behind.
Must live: be here now

6. Both hands on the wheel.
Hands running up and down you.
Both hands on the wheel.

7. Some things you forget.
Some stay with you forever.
You are the latter.

8. Ice, limes and tonic.
You, me and the Tanqueray.
Now privacy please!

9. Words never fail me
yet; for you, they escape me.
Finally silent.
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A few new ones for you.........

Rest your eyes, your mind;
Breathe deeply my scent and sleep;
Be here now and e'er.

A short, surreal dream...
A picture of what might be;
Ripped quickly away.

Brilliant beyond words;
No problem unsolved by us;
Yet peace, evasive.

Please give me wisdom,
to know right. But who, I ask...
is the judge of us?

Impossible bond.
Why are we here? The bond grows...
stronger and stronger.

Careful now, my love.
Delicately, my heart hangs;
above a chasm you guard.

A melody played,
naively saved my lifetime,
to endear your heart.
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Careless words threaten;
Value I do, sharing all;
My whole world open.

How dear you are, love;
your sacrifice clear to me.
Selfish of me, shame.
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I did not delete the two above, but here is one more!

A wonderful night;
gazing, hearing your words. Time...
simply spent with you.
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So close, yet so far;
How to describe your presence?
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Three new ones from today... the first two are perhaps just fabrications of my imagination, but I swear I heard something today. The last poem I hope is not just a fabrication, though... two years!

The mysteries clear;
Secrets, how significant?
Do they threaten you?

A secret chamber;
Guarding something just you know;
Buried forever?

Plush rug, crackling fire;
Your skin, citrus glistening,
arching to my touch.
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How lovely you are;
Fathom what comes next -- tell me;
My arms, you belong.
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The words elude me;
Lost? Anxious? Restless? All true.
Can I just have you?
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drugged; in the ER.
no control- flying, shaking.
i checked for a text!

the boat has capsized
you- floating away from me.
the sea is unkind.

citrus seduction
oh my God... don't ever stop
frozen in my mind.

you were meant for me
just discovered a bit late.
you are meant for me.

your arms around me
sleeping peacefully all night
my head on your chest
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Fully at a loss...
For once, no answers, no clues;
this confusing place.

Irrational need.
You flip my world upside-down.
Am I evil to want?

Always a win-win.
Never a time without one.
Where is it this time?

Star-crossed, yet destined...
Johnny Cash and June Carter,
Shall we walk the line?

Mind, body, spirit;
Equals in every regard;
Who keeps us apart?

Lime fruit all over;
remnants of expedition.
Map lost -- must redraw.

Skin on skin, no bars;
your soft b*****s, your body's warmth.
A bond, meant to be.

Unknowing abuse;
physical signs, control lost.
Our love took over.

Bathrobe, last defense.
Warm and humid beckoning;
Resist, I could not.
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