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I know how you love music so check out two songs:

Don't you wanna stay- Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson
Run- Matt Nathanson

so many others to list...
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So amazing these song choices... I've thought many times of posting songs. Here's one: Lifehouse -From where you are. Lmk if u like it
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OMG- It is lovely. Just beautiful.

On the edgier side:

Stabbing Westward- Save yourself
Anything Linkin Park
Rob Zombie
Foo Fighters
Rage Against the Machine
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I want to tell you something. I hope I find the right words to express what I want to.

I share more emotionally with you than anyone. As I think back, it's possible I've never shared with anyone like I do with you now. Perhaps there were times, but it's hard for me to remember it being the case. For whatever reason, perhaps it is our circumstances, I feel I can share absolutely every single thing I am feeling with you and not feel vulnerable about it -- or maybe at times I feel vulnerable sharing with you, but not in the sense that you'll ever take advantage of what I tell you... more that you might not feel the same way (you've proven me wrong on this on every occasion, though).

I even feel comfortable sharing when I'm having a hard time not being around you, or how I miss you, or how it tears me apart sometimes. But I want you to know that I don't share these things to make you feel guilty, or to put pressure on you, or to hasten the situation. Rather, I share because you've proven time and time again I can lean on you for support. I feel better afterwards, like I do now.

So, I guess, the mere act of sharing is therapeutic for me. And, it causes me to openly share with you even if it sounds like I'm having a difficult time -- ok, maybe I am, but I will survive... and we will see each other again, and again, and again... until perhaps someday...

I just wanted you to know what's behind the sharing. Thank you for being you and being there for me!
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I believe another word for 'sharing' is 'communicating'. You might have a hard time adjusting to that mindset! And no, i could never violate your trust. And you know how hard fought my trust is.

I always want to know exactly what you are thinking. Please don't change who you are.

Moonlight Sonata
played by a thoughtful, sweet soul,
makes my heart shed tears.

Delicate balance.
How to cross the chasm whole?
I have no idea.

Amputated soul.
Miss the piece that completes me.
Aching is constant.

I am watching you,
Carefully, you walk with me,
I am still doubtful.

Deep, strong, solid.
A captivating presence
commands my focus.

Explore at your pace.
Intense need for connection.
Sense overwhelmed!

Lottery winner!
Riches are vast, fulfilling.
Scared beyond belief!
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Gliding on a wave,
Like the curves on your body;
Effortless, weightless.
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1. My mind is racing.
My mind will not be quiet.
Me- out of control.

2. A tightrope beneath.
A noose- tight around my neck.
A heart jumping rope.

3. Creating havoc
for those without awareness
seems a hateful thing.

4. Must watch my waistline.
I always want the dessert.
Hate the new diet!!

5. Calming influence
soothing voice, gentle caress.
Please come back to me!

6. Some milk and cookies-
decadent and much desired.
They are bad for you!

7. A heavenly bed.
Hang the 'Do Not Disturb' sign.
The rest? Up to you...

8. Intent? to shower
Action? bathrobe lost the war
Result? dangerous

9. How to manage this
unreasonable daydream
to belong with you?

10. Actions are my guide-
my trusted 'sherpa' in life.
Like a hawk, I watch.
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you surprise and amaze me.
Love talking to you!

Over one week down.
Not yet plural, though; can we...
...make it through sanely?
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Half asleep, writing;
Fading fast, unconscious, yet...
"Get here!" ends my poem.
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In a haze, I walk;
Through this adventurous life;
each step, missing you.
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This is what i was thinking over the weekend:

Dark envelops me.
light, just barely visible
the abyss awaits...

Was it just a dream?
Is my mind playing tricks now?
Don't want to wake up.

And for this week:

A stretch goal, it seems
is well within your reach now.
Is that what you want?

"Lack of chemistry"...
Would they even believe it?
Match made in heaven!

Your voice, calming me
Your genuine self beckons
and invites me in.

Far off locations.
Justified destinations.
to spend time with you
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I'm out of my league?
My eyes, smile, warmth, humor, heart...
...say differently!

Stronger by the day,
like the soft glow at sunset,
My feeling for you.
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i know what they mean
when they say that time stood still.
i am frozen here.

days slowly drift by,
and thoughts of you sustain me.
i remain bewitched

a revelation;
delicious provocation;
more contemplation.

a hot, sweaty mess
is exactly what i want
when i see you next.
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Why, this test of wills?
Confusion, contemplation.
Need a crystal ball!

For fools, crystal balls!
My destiny, I control...
Don't I know this truth?

Destiny: what form?
Will everyone be content?
Can I thread needle?

Is it possible?
Only the innovative win!
Grant me the courage!
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Further and further;
Exhilarated I fall;
My love grows and grows.

Deep down I know, love;
You are mine, fully, wholly;
My doubts undeserved.
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a midlife surprise
but nothing was wrong, and now...
revised destiny?

the care you give to
every thought and act of us,
makes me feel special

a separation,
a reconciliation,

The water is warm,
Sensations tantalize us-
the best dream ever!
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Two universes;
Circling close, briefly touching;
The dance continues.

Dual, now my dreams;
Life, lust, must have you in both;
Time and time again.

Shocked revelation;
You appearing in your robe;
Nothing could stop me.

My dreams now vivid;
Your borders expansive, me...
on expedition!

Laying at ease, you;
Your elbows propped, you smiling;
Me, teasing delight.

Black and pink garments;
Contrast your silky soft skin;
Clothes stay on... for now.

Making your head spin;
I'm in control, hesitant...
to release myself.

But sometimes unlocked,
my being becomes; I release,
to your caring touch.

It's self-consciousness;
Which prohibits me, holds me;
Slowly though, it dies.

Surrender to you;
Physically I will. My soul...
released long ago.

Out of control, me.
Assured this destiny is;
Pleasure unknown comes.

In Memphis, before...
Completely released I was.
Willing to do all.

Like drunken blackout;
We emerge, memories vague.
But sensations strong!

Connection strongest;
In the din after; simply,
holding, kissing, you.
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Walls used to protect
now insulate and guard us
from reality.

Fully and complete,
I surrender to your keep
aware of the risks.

Parched from this harsh thirst,
a zombie waiting to wake.
true insomnia

Why do you doubt me?
My feelings outweigh my fear.
Suspended- i wait.

My hands grasping hold
low; in the curve of your back.
Lips find their target.

Intrepid partner;
Delight in your adventure.
Delicious rapture

Wrecked, spent fulfillment
just being near you; enough.
My moment of bliss

Hold me tightly dear,
wrap me in your truth and love.
I reflect your gift.

I want to see all.
All your hidden fears and dreams.
I want you- as is.
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Secrets kept may be
my way of protecting you
from the angst I feel.

Tiny cuts that hurt,
unexpected wounds of war.
I have no rights here.

Perplexed and confused.
to be here and then not know
how to walk the line.

Struggling with what's right,
robs me of my will to fight.
Flag i raise is white.

I can never be
anything other than me-
my epiphany.

Germany and me
the entire world to see
and you- so happy!

Three days; two, one, none...
into your arms, I will run.
Your heart, I hope- won.

Your face- in my hands.
Your lips- desperate for connection.
Your heart- mine to keep.
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You make the call:

Clever seduction,
delicate balancing act.
You- owning the game.

Or...fate stepping in
creating our destiny?
Heavenly bliss ours.

Or...a lesson taught
on the weird world we live in-
acceptance and love?

Or... equal partners
pulling the same direction?
Devious duo.

Or... perhaps not so...
My strategy optimized.
You- a willing pawn.
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just a few hours...

Soon now, we'll meet.
Will you sweep me off my feet?
Reunion- so sweet!
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Cannot deny it
Pressure is weighing you down.
Chart a steady course

Twinkle in your eye
gives hints to your deepest thoughts.
Your smile confirms it.

Just the sight of you
makes me feel like i am home.
I am calm and clear.
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Us, in forty years;
On my arm, your resting ear;
Together, no fear.

A simple gesture;
My arm over your shoulder;
Life's little pleasures.

Darkness -- writhing form;
Pleasure in serenity;
Goddess in repose.
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Treachery ahead-
prepare and compose yourself.
Don't let it break you.

Is the phone on mute?
Raise the stakes until you crack.
Best conference call!

2 or 3 of 4.
Does it really matter now?
Practice makes perfect!

Who would have thought it?
So ridiculously good...
genuine and real.
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Walking in the park...
Some dinner reservations...
What more could you want??

Three weeks of nothing
are staring at me right now
refusing to blink.

Fortune cookie ruse
An intelligent man's muse
My brain- a short fuse.
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What more could I want?
Clarity and certainty,
are what come to mind.

So good at it now...
compartmentalizing it.
Wish to live instead.

Resigned to what's now.
Do not know how to advance.
Content, me, for now.

The separation.
Anxious to get it over.
And see you again!!

An 8-way crossroad.
Work, life, family, city.
To which direction!!??

You are my canon.
Want you to be my true north.
At the dead center.
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Unexpected death
reveals a life gone awry.
Regret weighs us down.

One hundred thirty bags-
Lawn & Leaf sized bags- filled with
gin liter bottles.

To the outside world
all seemed normal and correct.
Deadly deception.

Not ready to talk
but wanting to hear your voice.
Save me from this mess!
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Wishing R&R...
your way -- lord knows you need it.
Family refuel.

Holiday e-mail!
So excited, but alas...
it's simply signed M.

I am wondering.
Do you miss me as I you?
A very hard day.

More conversation.
Spousal fear wins out today.
Questions bountiful.

In my palm, power...
to change everything now...
with a simple word.

A welcome respite.
Asia beckons me from home.
Time to relax, think.

A new position.
Very likely now, new town.
Exciting, daunting.

How will this change us?
I want away time with you...
to learn the answer.

Selfish, me, to write...
during horrifying times...
and drain more from you.

Take it easy, love.
I only express myself now.
Sharing is my need.

I wish for your ear.
To hear me -- no one compares.
How can it be so?

Happier times come.
For sad times contrast our smiles.
Highlighting our bliss.
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You are part of me.
It wasn't planned, yet- it is.
Yearn for your embrace.

Perceptive partners
make you worry constantly.
Is it worth the fear?

Is it all a dream?
Us- in the same city soon?
Too good to be true!

Temporary home
sounds like a haven for us.
Want my own drawer.

Enraptured by you,
remembering moments passed.
Lightning strikes again.

Broken appendage
needs some extra TLC.
I can be your nurse!

Hiking in Asia
I hope you work through your thoughts
and return to me.
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Trans-pacific daze.
The metropolis explored.
I want the bed now!

A bustling city.
Hot, humid, moist, searing heat.
Much like my daydreams.

An eternal flight.
Time to think, but no answers.
An idea forms.

Threading the needle...
could mean hurting not a one.
Can we stay like this?

Are you good with it?
Me with a game face at home.
Does this break our trust?

If our garden stays...
hidden, a treasured secret...
ever between us.
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