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A secret garden
requires some attention
or it lies dormant.

Patient- I can be.
Future- I cannot see.
You- belong with me.

I am wrecked with fear.
However did we get here?
Cannot lose you dear.

I should set you free.
Our dreams, never meant to be.
Path seems clear to me.

Seeking out nuance
trying to read between lines
what you really mean.

Enough haiku. I feel like I am killing you-- albeit slowly. I sense that you would like me to take the higher ground and let you focus on things. If i do that, then you don't hurt anyone. I'm not saying that is what i want to do (or even think about) but is it what you want/need but are afraid/don't want to say?? My status quo is different from yours-- for now at least.

I have no idea how relocation would impact this. I'd like to find out. I am here and I want you here.

Imaly- always and in all ways.
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Hello! Here are some photos of different things here in Hong Kong!

It was weird -- when I finally sat down at the top of the peak, I had a tremendous sense of deja vu. I swear I had a dream years (decades?) ago that I was in Asia in the exact same spot. This happens to me from time to time, and it was really interesting. When it happens I always think that it must be a profound time during my life :-)

First, the drinks and desserts at the Venetian in Macau -- YUMMY!

This is from Victoria Peak at night -- magnificent...

My hotel room view from the other side... beautiful Hong Kong harbor!

I saw some cool things on my hike today... those are actually that tree's roots!

Climbing up the mountain... gives you an idea of how steep it was -- my heart rate was really up... good workout :-)

Really pretty views during the hike. I was pretty much on a paved jungle path and once and a while these beautiful scenic views would appear.

View from the top! Almost the same vantage point as the first night shot above, but the following day.

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Great photos! How beautiful and serene it appears up there.

My day:

placed air fresheners/cleaners in every room
got air filter for A/C system
sorted through 75+ boxes of various stuff and created piles for: Donate, Keep, Sell, Trash. Have 400 more boxes to go...
sorted mail and documents
met with attorney on probate court plans etc.
found a black metal safe that might contain important papers
met with neighbors for instructions while we're away
called locksmith to open safe
argued with locksmith over quoted price to open the aforementioned safe
discovered opened safe contained nothing of real importance or value
walked through house with a local contractor to get an initial quote for repairs and renovations
cut leg wide open about 4 inches on the newly opened safe
bled profusely through hallway until the contractor noticed the blood and he freaked out
got medical treatment from the neighbor (who is a doctor)
made mental note to get a tetanus shot asap
sealed open windows as best we could until repairs could be made
took photos for insurance
turned off water to house (pipe burst back in January)
discovered hole in roof from last night's storms (16' long branch about 10" wide thru roof)
took more photos for insurance
placed 55 gallon trash bin under leak in kitchen ceiling for now
cleaned house yet still feel like bugs are crawling all over me
set off another round of bug foggers
returned to hotel
showered and had a nice dinner where I consoled my parents and talked through the next steps for the estate

Had fitful dreams last night. Maybe because of the storms here, maybe not. I am feeling pretty good but exhausted. It is simply surreal.

Haiku time!

Decent to madness
came when the love of his life
died an early death (he died at 38)

Side note: i discovered he kept everything single item of their life together and anything that belonged to his dead lover. Pieces of paper, old letters, theater tickets, bills, school papers, journals, plane tickets, clothing, bday cards, recipes, photos (of course), movies, dishes, jewelery, drawings, books. all of it. every scrap. It made me cry to think how much inconsolable pain he must have been in to lose his partner so early and to be alone for so long surrounded by all of the items of their life together- like he never left. breaks my heart.

Bugs are still crawling--
in defiance of bug bombs
that were placed last night.

"Would kill him myself"
is what i thought this morning
of my dead uncle.

I need a respite
from all the insanity.
I am simply drained.

Just hearing your voice
makes me feel calmer somehow
you- my protector.
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An evolution
brings a short term solution
New resolution

A marathon man,
sprinting an unknown distance,
searching for his stride.

Still, thinking of you
Still, able to stun me now
Still, affection grows

Some dapper new threads.
Thoughtful talk; souls laid thread bare
Threading the needle.

And as always- imaly
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So I came here to post because I thought about you all day, and I found some very beautiful poems! Here is the one I was going to write:

A morning surprise;
You sweetly nuzzle my neck;
Cherished memory!

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I find myself with a free moment and inspiration hit!

Listening to you
tell stories of your childhood
completes the dream, dear.

A favorite thing??
Anytime i can touch you
and feel you are mine

A favorite thing??
You- relaxed, talking with me
or laughing with me!

A favorite thing??
Towel wrapped around your waist-
very disarming

Holding my hair back
as my mouth begins to move-
exquisite pleasure
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Impossibly hard;
This situation of ours;
Us always apart.

Missing you, I am;
Thinking, drinking, sinking down;
Dreams of you save me.
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You mistake my frown;
It is not pointed at you;
Peg my thoughts, you can!

I'm scared to lose you;
Our bliss and love, so precious;
Hidden from others.

Any threat I fear;
I am frozen, paralyzed;
When I sense danger.

A dark shell, I don;
To protect us, our secret;
Give you up, I won't.

But my love remains;
My smiles, my warmth, all for you;
Beneath the surface.
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so beautiful- just like seeing imperceptible for the first time. or the m&ms. takes my breath away.
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Two weeks of a life
that could be, should be, would be
if life were simple

Dinner and drinks, Dear.
others envious of us,
jealous of our love

It is obvious
Our connection- real, complete
They already know...

Cannot escape them;
Someone is always watching.
Careful, we must be

But live for today
for life does not stop for us
and quickly passes.

Fate has spoken, love.
We are forged together now
in uncertain times.

Look back on this time
with awe, what cosmic forces
drew us together

So Carpe Diem!
Screw the negative gawkers!
They do not matter.


gifts at the alter
tokens of my love for you
reminders for you.

The mere sight of you...
Stirring, longing for your touch.
Thirst- never sated.
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Between the Raindrops- LifeHouse featuring Natasha Beddingfield

Seeing a movie
seems like such a simple thing
Is it possible?

Weekend beard in place.
Got extra limes just in case.
_ _ _ _: beside your face!

Draped across your chest
Room is cold but we are warm
Room service awaits!
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Impossibly hard!
Left to my own devices
My mind wandering...

Perspectives differ
on the uses of one's lap.
A debate ensues...

Watching from afar,
seeing the transformation.
Oh so bittersweet!

Me = captivated.
Are we out of runway soon?
Desperate brainstorm!!

I need to see you!
I need to nuzzle your neck!
I need to touch you!

Dark green with envy
of absolutely nothing.
Makes me wonder why...

I hate that you must
rein in dreams of rendezvous.
i wish you were mine.

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Thoughts left to wander
I ask: What am I doing?
There is no reply...

Why do you have this effect?
Walls might be needed.

But no lines, no walls
was the treaty established
many moons ago...

Us= total package
(in spite of shoe size mirage!)
A perfect pairing

Reunited soon!
Scarlett diversion awaits...
Desire running wild

Want to do bad things-
all delightful sensations.
Beg and plead, you will.

Picture the future...
The marathon is over-
blissful together!

Hold my hand and smile.
Two tickets and some popcorn.
I'll make it happen.

Agreement upon
an investment strategy...
What's the asset mix?

Newest ones:

Divisive constraint!
Like borrowing a toothbrush-
I don't like those thoughts.


Glad you were honest.
Sad that's the reality.
Bad, I will still be.

Important to me
You- man of cold stone and steel.
My own psychopath! :-)
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Time of the essence?
Or, all the time in the world?
Waiting patiently!

A car ride offer...
Unfortunate circumstance...
A great compromise!
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Wearing a mask now.
All tricks and no treats for me.
Sad reality

Some time to unwind
ERROR! Jacket left behind!
Stomach was flipping

the shell weighs you down
it changes your facade, dear.
it is too heavy.

cannot wait until
a few days of safe haven.
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Salt and pepper smile-
gone! Ritual sacrifice
before a meeting.

Facial sandpaper:
easily soothed with black sponge.
This drought must end soon!

Listen Musician,
You are out of practice, dear.
Tune your instrument!!
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