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Speakers for my patio

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Hello everyone,

I could really use your help/advice. I am trying to purchase some decent speakers for my back patio on a real tight budget. I have turned to looking for used 3 way floor speakers, figuring that cheap satellites will never sound good in such an open/large area. The speakers will be used almost exclusively for music. I am no audiophile, that is for sure, so I don't know if I would be able to hear the difference between a decent set of used vintage and lower end current tech speakers. Am I headed in the right direction? Music will be mostly classic rock, country and occasionally some hip hop.

I found a set of POLK AUDIO RTA-8TL that someone is selling for $100. He says they are in great shape and all components work. Wondering what your thoughts are on the price as well as that speaker for my application.

Thanks to everyone for your time and advice.
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I suggest that you look at the BIC America RTR-1530 speakers.

They run about $100 each and have 15" woofers, which the party animals and the neighbors should love.
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Thanks so much. I will check them out. I was hoping to buy something for $100 or less, I guess that is why I was looking at used speakers. This is a decent sounding speaker for the money? I take it that the larger woofers are needed, being that there are no walls to help pressurize the air?
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