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Originally Posted by AcuDefTechGuy View Post

I know. I know. I know. biggrin.gif

Or maybe SPARKS:

I have to say - that's hilarious.
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Originally Posted by AcuDefTechGuy View Post

That was just to show the good prices. KEF & Revel also makes bookshelf speakers. Deals on those are also around.
Another monitor speaker to consider is the Soundfield Audio M1. This is an accurate audiophile speaker with a built-in powered subwoofer!
Personally I recommend the SPARK speakers: biggrin.gif
Soundfield & Salk

When I first read this, I thought you were referring to the Seaton Spark loudspeaker, which would actually be a very relevant and a great recommendation for HT, albeit a bit expensive.

I'm a fan of Salk, Philharmonic, and Ascend as well, and will +1 those brands as they should be excellent for music and quite solid for movies.
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After an in-house comparison of Salk SongTower and B&W CM9, I couldn't return CM9 fast enough. So yeah, another vote for Salks!
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Originally Posted by mtrot View Post

If you are considering tower speakers, you might want to also listen to another nice British competitor of B&W, a set of Monitor Audio RX8, which are really impressive at their price, and are about the same size as the CM9. I heard a set of RX8 recently, and the build quality and sound are amazing at that price. They can really throw a nice music soundstage. These are very solid, inert cabinets, and they are great if you need all-around speakers that are good for music and HT both. They also have a RX Centre model.

I had the chance to remove a pair of these from a install, I didn't get to hear them but they were solid and very heavy. I'm sure they sound great too.
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Originally Posted by cel4145 View Post

You could be fine with an XPA-3 since the receiver would only be driving the surrounds, and HT receivers put out more into 2 channels than 5.

Is that even possible with most receivers? I was looking at the 4311
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I just purchased a Klipsch system (RC-64II with RB-61II bookshelves). For efficiency, they can't be beat. You need to audition them because you'll either love them or you won't. I listened to B&W CM5/CMC2 system and preferred the sound of the Klipsch.
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I would suggest you treat the problem systematically where the room, speakers and electronic gear are a system that must at a minimum meet a set of threshold requirements that you establish. It also must operate within constraints. In your case the physical dimensions of the room, your wife's aesthetic sensibilities and cost. Any solution that doesn't meet the threshold requirements within those constraints should be removed from consideration. Also define a set of "goodness" criteria that are important to you but are not hard requirements. Weight those criteria based on their relative importance to you. Evaluate your candidates based on the overall score against these criteria. You've got a start but your requirements and criteria need better definition. For example, your statement about reference levels for music is unclear since there is no standard for it like there is for movies. What you need to do is establish a spl at the listening position that is a threshold requirement. If you are talking about concert concert blu-rays/dvds at 0 level on your receiver be cognizant of the fact that there is a wide variation between them in the amount of infomation that is sent to the center channel. This can put a real strain on the center channel speaker. I found this out the hard way.

With that said, here are some things to consider:

Your WAF constraint complicates things. I can't tell from the picture weather the right hand wall will be a problem but the left hand most definitely is. Without acoustic treatment it is going to be a real detriment in the time domain (first reflection) and the bass region. This will screw up spatial cues and if the speaker has poor off axis peformance it will negatively affect the perceived frequency response at the listening position. If acoustic treatment is possible that would expand your options. If something like this could pass the WAF gate http://www.gikacoustics.com/gik_artpanel_acoustic_panels.html you should consider it.

If acoustic treatment is not possible then you should probably limit your search to speakers that have a smooth off-axis response.

You may want to look at speakers that are designed to be placed close to a wall to help with flattening the response in the bass region not covered by the sub. An Audyssey equipped receiver can help smooth out the bass some but is not a panacea.

Remember to add around 3db to the acoustic attenuation formula (20log10(r2/r1)) to account for the fact that the speakers are in a room, not free space when you are evaluating a speaker's ability to meet the threshold spl requirement at the LP.

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