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My first Plasma TV! Sony 36XBR800 R.I.P............

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The 2002 Sony 36XBR800 started going to service mode with 7 blinks.
I keept the stand, I figure since it held that 260 pound TV
it will hold any TV in the future. LOL.............
Anyway I was tired of switching back and fourth from HD (only 33") at the most
to SD to get use of the 4:3 screen.

Got a Samsung 43" PN43E450E450 ten days ago and I love it!
No issues to complain about so far.

The only advantage the XBR had over this set was:
No motion blur.
The audio amplifier and speakers included a sub woofer that could rattle windows!

Shocked to read on the back Typical power '84 watts' tho that is a Energy Star rating with the
picture set 'Standard' mode that looks washed out and should never be used
so I keep picture Mode set to 'Movie' mode.
Dynamic Mode looks good but it's VERY bright
and looks like torch mode to me.
Dish with HD via 12' HDMI.
BTW, the Velocity channel is on 5710 (yea it's a test channel.
No Blueray yet.

Here's the settings I like so far but still playing with it.
The so called Sharpness is really just a contrast control.

I Keep the Cell Light at 20 and simply adjust the Brightness and Contrast.

This works for me.

In daytime = 50 to 55
In evening = 40 to 50
In the dark = 25 to 35
Contrast no lower than 88 even in the dark.

Mode - Movie
Cell Light 20
Contrast 97
Brightness 50 (average
Sharpness 0
Color 50
R/G Tint 50/50
Color Space - Native
Gamma -1
Dynamic Contrast - off
Black Tone - Darkest
Flesh Tone - 0
Color Tone - Warm1
Size - Screen Fit
Digital Noise Filter - Off
HDMI Black Level - Low
Film Mode - Off

White Balance Calibration
Thanks to 'CTM Audi'.
RO - 21
GO - 28
BO - 22
RG - 20
GG - 27
BG - 23
Edited by sonyfan - 6/24/12 at 6:45pm
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I am still cruising with my xbr 910, wide screen, Super Fine Pitch tube. I just use it for DVD and console gaming, no broadcast TV in my home at all. I hope this TV keeps on trucking! I love it, especially for displaying the PS3. Really can't imagine any TV looking better. I actually had a 36inch XBR800 that I gave to a friend after picking up the 910. Both were $200- $300 craigslist specials. I liked the 800, it was light years ahead of the Sony SDTV it replaced, only thing was it didn't have the SFP tube and it was 4:3. So when the 910 came up on craigslist I snagged it because it had a wide screen and the SFP tube. Hope that new plasma works well for ya, I am sure it is a sweet display.
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Yea my 36XBR800 was $350 craigslist, must have been 3 years ago or longer.
I mostly Watch Dish and I was feed up with having to switch from SD to HD.
To go to 43" is a big improvement.
I found out the Energy Star rating is with 'Standard' mode set to Cell Light 6!
At Cell Light 6 (less than 1/3 of the brightness) the picture very dim and washed out
and it should only be on the max setting 20.
I'm pleasenty suprised how much Plasma IS like CRT.
Don't fear the Plasma! LOL..............
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Yea I remember those days when there was this flood of CRT HDTV's on craigslist for pennies on the dollar! People were dropping them like a bad habit, lol I don't think they are available like that anymore, at least not here in Seattle. HD CRTs were coming up for sale one or two a week it seemed. Both my 800 and 910 were in great shape and came with the stand. We will never see deals on quality TVs like that again. These TVs were going for close to 2 grand new, and they were selling them for a couple of hundred bucks. Fun times!
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Woman seem to really hate those big CRT's.
now days CRT's are getting dumped like a bad habit and the super heavy one's
you can't even get or want to ask a helpful neighbor to help you move it.
That was my case anyway.
I did the original move with a friend and we had to move it down 5 flights
of stairs, to the street into a van, to the house, etc.
It' was something I would never want to do again.
This time I payed two strong mexicans $10 to remove it from the stand
and into the back of their pickup. Even gave them the remote.
I would have sold it on craigslist except I wanted to keep the stand (a must have for any 260 lbs tv
and did'ent want the hassle of explain to a possible buyer/mover why I wanted to keep
a key part of tv. then they would offer $$ for it and even if I was offered $100 for it
I would have said no thanks and then you have a not so good situation.
In my area most people put their old CRT on a corner and it's gone within the hour or less.
a neighbor put his 35" CRT Mits on my corner and bam! it was gone in no time. LOL........
another neighbor a block down from me had a weekend yard sale with 2 large screen CRTs including a nice
working and looking Proton for $5 each, no sale!
I told him kick them to the corner and they will be gone but he was reluctant because of the code
enforcement guy who drives around once in a while.
The next time I talked to him he did it and they were gone.
I just laughed!
Those big heavy CRT's you can barley even give em away!
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Originally Posted by Lucky Ducky View Post

Hope that new plasma works well for ya, I am sure it is a sweet display.

Yes I'm very happy with it and no more over-scan and perfect geometry at last!
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