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Cable Guide slooow to reload on Comcast DVR

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If this is not the proper forum, moderator please move.
I have a Motorola DCT 3412. It's always taken a long time after a power outage to restore the guide, but it's now been close to 30 hours, and the guide is sporadic, at best. Some channels are almost loaded...others are filled with TO BE ANNOUNCED at random. I called Comcast and they've done both a hard restart and the good old "send a signal to your box." I checked the hidden menu, and the signal is OK. I talked to a tech, who suggested I swap out the box for a newer one. But I've seen postings that even the newer boxes are slow. This is crazy. I have a TiVO at another location, and it NEVER loses the guide. I can't believe that after all these years, Comcast can't come up with a better guide than this.
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Get a new box!
30 hours is not acceptable.
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I got a new box yesterday...a DCX 3400, which was recommended by a Comcast tech. It has now been 24 hours, and while there are many listings out to 10 days, there are several random gaps of TO BE ANNOUNCED, with several of them within the next couple of days. Obviously, it's not my box. I'm going to call and have the line checked. This CAN'T be right. As far as I'm concerned, anything over 10-12 hours to repopulate 10 days of programming is (or should be) unacceptable.
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Did you pick up the box yourself or was it delivered to you by a tech?
Other then lack of guide data do you have video once the box is turned on?
Do you have VOD services? If so check the free VOD programs.
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Yes, I picked it up myself. Everything else is working fine, ON DEMAND included.
I called again, the CSR I talked to said I was correct, this is not normal. So she sent a tech. I showed him a few of the TO BE ANNOUNCED listings, taking place within in the next couple of days, one for THAT day. He checked the signal coming into the unit, and the signal as it came from the street to the side of the buildings. He said that the signal was fine, and that it was not abnormal for that to happen, they had been having some "problems" in the area, but didn't go into detail about what those problems were. He said that many experience the same situation. He seemed to know what he was doing, so I don't doubt him. He did say that Comcast/Moto is years behind in Guide upgrades, and said they were working on some kind of box that would store the guide and all recording "in the clouds." I have a TiVO in another location for more than 12 years, and it has NEVER lost the guide. It's obviously something that I must live with, unless I get a TiVO.
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I know that Comcast is trying new guides I don't know if they are trying anything in your area.
If you feel like it you can try the hat trick and ask for another box, I would also ask them if it is possible for them to try the box at there location before you pick it up.
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