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What to do before flipping a Sony G90 over on its back.

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I'd like to get some opinions from those who had flipped the G90 or a similar Sony projector over on its back.

1) When you flipped this projector upside down and rested it on something or on the floor before lifting it up to the ceiling, did you remove the outer metal/plastic skin first or leave it on?

2) If you had to remove the skin, how far did you have to strip down the G90 before it was safe enough to flip it over and rest it on something?

I had my G90 sitting around in a corner of my HT room for about 4-5 years now. I didn't install and use it for all those years since I didn't want to leave it on the floor due to the fact that it will take up the best seat in the room. I also didn't want to mount it under the ceiling due to all the hassles involved with this choice. But now, I decided to put this projector to good use before new flat-screen technologies would render it totally obsolete. As a result, I just finished designing and building a 7' tall wooden rack, and I planned to mount my G90 directly underneath this rack this week. I will need to install the Chief's mounting adapter onto the G90 bottom before I could winch it up to the top. I don't want the outer skin of the G90 to be crushed by the 250-lb weight of this projector laying belly up, unless someone had done this before and it was safe to leave the G90 skin on.

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I had similar problem with my Sony G90. Tech's not ware of weight of the projector & ceiling mount alone, removed it from ceiling to replace it with a epson 6010 and set it on the floor on its back, then to a dolly bottom down. Only problem I had was some scratches and remote door needed to be adjusted back in place. Rechecking G90 on floor platform table, worked fine. Note: Not taking time to know how much this thing weighed could have crushed them. Like alot of new HT tech's they have never serviced or watched a crt projector. Just sent out to do a job. remove the old and install new. Good thing I was there to witness. My G90 will be used in a different HT room (on floor). Moone V2 +hdmi update card, dallas chip, added. Future ebony black paint job coming. This is a great projector!
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Take the top metal cover off and flip it. Take the lenses off before mounting it to take 25Kg of the weight off the projector.
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I think the motorized Chief mount can handle a 250-lb load; so, removing the lens may not be necessary unless you strongly advice me otherwise from your experiences. I will remove the metal cover and see what parts will be in direct contact with the floor and go from there. If other G90 owners have more input, please advice.

Thank you to all who replied.
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I removed the metal cover as advised, flipped the projector, and rested the front part of the frame on a 2x4 bar covered with some thick towers and the plastic tail part on some thick pillows. The PJ then went up to the tall wood stand with little hicks up using the motorized Chief mount. There are more work to be done, however, as the PJ didn't behave too well: I encountered some video card problems, some displayed picture problems and some PJ setting problems to be worked out. Bottom line: The picture with a 1080p signal via a DVI card was, well... suck, like a 2nd generation VHS tape on a 7' wide screen. It may need some professional help, but we'll see how these go after some self-help first.

Thank you.
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I know afterwards you tickle it's tummy smile.gif
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We flipped the G90 over on its back after removing the top cover, rested the front metal part of the G90 that went between the lens and the tube's face on a 2x4 and rested the back side on a bunch of rolled up towers. The huge G90 PJ adapter plate and screws that came with the kit did not fit the G90 holes where the feet went through (too small). So, I opened up the 4 holes with a drill and use the existing feet to attach the adapter to the PJ. I added a metric screw to each feet and screw it all the way down before attaching the feet to the PJ to strengthen their load bearing. After that, the G90 was hoisted into place with the Chef mount and it went up well.
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