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I had an old infocus 4805 that went bad a few years ago and my room has sat with no activity. Well I recently bought an EPSON 8350 for $1099 and upgraded my receiver and i shot it on a 5 year old painted wall. The wall was painted with some so-called movie paint but it served us well. The guy putting my room together is a specialist in the field and says I should get a Dragonfly Matte White Film Screen with a Black Velvet Frame. He says the picture will be amazing.

I'm looking at it on my old painted wall and it looks great to me it worth the extra money (He Says $600.) Will I really see a better picture? H claims the black levels will improve but I thought the gray paint would help the black levels? Any advice for me?

Room is 11x11 dark walls, light controlled , white 10 foot ceilings It is dark in the room!