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Draper ReActII, Supernova, Firehawk G3

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Has anyone compared these 3 screens as far as hotspotting and texture/sparklies goes? The SN23-23 must have some texture and hotspotting. I´ve seen a Firehawk G3 and I noticed a bit of sparklies. Is the SST material better(very similar specs to the ReactII)?
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The SST is designed for shorter throws. Use the regular firehawm if your projector is going to be more than 1.5x width of the screen away. Use the SST if closer.
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When I update my projector, hopefully next winter, I´m thinking of going a bit larger then my current 106" diagonal 16:9. The furthest I can throw is a bit under 15 foot.
I notice a bit of sparklies with the firehawk material. I wonder how the ReactII compares.. the specs are suppose to be similar and it's much cheaper.
Are DNP planning on coming out with a material with gain inbetween their current 2?
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I had a demo at DNP and didn't hear anything about plans for an intermediate gain material to fit between the 08-85 and 23-23. They did clue me in to the new frames before they were announced. Off-angle viewing is really quite good on the 23-23 so I'd expect hotspoting to be minimal as well
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I´ve read the 23-23 has a bit of texture. I notice it on the G3 Firehawk.. it's borderline acceptable to me.
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I didn't notice that, but I wasn't really looking for it either.
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I have a 128" wide 2.37 format 23-23 and see no sparkles from 15' ( first row ).
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