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Screen Placement

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Hi All,

I am at the tail end of my Theater set up

Onkyo 609 - check!
Epson 8350 - check!

Carada 96 inch screen - check (kind of) I am trying to figure out the best placement......The wall is exactly 7 ft (84 inches)from floor to ceiling and the Screen is 51.3 inches. Leaves me 32 inches....

16 inches from bottom and 16 inches from top just doesn't seem right. Any advice on what would be a decent placement??

Thx in advance
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Depending on how high your seating is, I would start with your eyes at 25% up the screen from the bottom of the screen material, not including the frame.
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Thank you. Seating is regular sectional, maybe 18-24 inches high. Doesnt recline.

Not quite sure what you mean by 25%
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I will assume you are referring to a 16:9 screen AR.

At 96" diagonal, your screen material height is 47".

25% of 47" = 11.75"
75% of 47" = 35.25"

Seated eye height standard is 44"

So mark on your wall 44" off the floor.

Measure up from that mark 35.25". That is the height of your screen material.

All you need to do is take into account the frame height and mounting configuration, and add that to the mark you have on the wall.

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So are you saying the top of my screen material would be 79 inches from the floor?

44 + 35 = 79?
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Yes. That puts your eyes, (if they are actually at 44" when seated) 25% up the screen, which is a good starting point.

In practice, I would shoot the image from your projector on the blank wall, measure out so you have 96" diagonal, and move the image up and down to see what you like. You may find that you like something different from the 25% up the screen.
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