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screen settings  

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What screen setting do I use to eliminate the top and bottom bars on playback? They aren't there for the promos or previews, just appear there when the movie starts.
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Please list the make and model of your player and I'll move your post to that player's owner's thread. Are you talking about lettering boxing of movies too. Give specific examples of the scenes, titles, previews that your are seeing this on. As it stands we don't have enough information to answer your question.
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player is Panasonic DMP BDT 220. Movie is "Act of Valor" (blu-ray). Previews are full screen, movie has bars top and bottom.
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The movie is 2.35 aspect ratio. I don't remember the previews shown before the feature. If you have a 16x9 TV...you have to have bars on the top and bottom to preserve the proper aspect ratio of the movie on your screen. Is this what you are referring to?
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Yes. Just my first experience with a wide screen tv and didn't know what to expect. Thanks!
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I'm going to close this thread and ask that if you have any other questions about your player, you can get great information from the owner's thread.

If you want more information about aspect ratio's, here's a good link


You can find a ton of previous threads using Aspect ratio in our search or google.

Take Care
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