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I've been researching remotes over the last few days and can't seem to find one that will work for the things I want. Thought maybe you guys would have some insight.
Here are the things I want to control:

- PS3 (Bluetooth)
- Receiver (IR)
- Projector (IR)
- Light switch/dimmer (IR)
- PC (VLC) (could be bluetooth?)
- eventually Ceton's Echo (probably IR) which is an extender for windows media center, so essentially a remote that can control WMC too.

It should be noted that the components are in a closet, so the IR needs a repeater. If there are any suggestions on sleek IR extenders, I'll take em.
Power on features are a requirement
Macros are a plus

I'm open to iphone/ipad remotes or physical remotes. Although all of the iphone/ipad remotes I found don't control ps3. The best I could come up with is a harmony one with a ps3 adapter and IR repeater, but then I'm looking at $200 or more just for a universal remote. I'd like to keep it sub $100 if possible, but this might be my only option.

Any good solutions out there?