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Advice for MKV + New system is needed

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Today I finally got an upgrade for over 15 years of same old speaker system and old Yamaha receiver. Few months back I got new 55' Samsung LCD TV and I have a huge collection of MKV that currently I have hooked up directly to TV via USB and it works just great. I have regular 1080p as well as 3D MKVs from my BluRay collection that I keep in storage. Now here is my question. Sound with TV speakers is like no sound at all and with MKVs that I have many have TruHD and DTS-HD sound track in them and this is my issue. What I can do to get that sound in to my new AV.

AV Pioneer: Pioneer VSX-1022-K


Pioneer SP-C21
Pioneer SP-BS41-LR
Pioneer SW-8
Pioneer SP-FS51-LR
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I'm assuming your Pioneer doesn't directly play content, because ours doesn't either. I use my PS3 or my dedicated Blu-Ray player to play the MKV files, but if you don't have either you could hook an X-Box or even a computer up to the AV system through HDMI if you configure the number of speakers in the audio playback setup (Windows sound settings) on the computer. DLNA is something you can use if you don't want to use USB anymore.
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You see my main thing is sound. Right now I am using optical cable from my tv to avr and as we know optical does not support anything above 5.1 sound so now HD sound track or 7.1 so this is my goal to play my mkvs with all best sound available. Can I stream mkv with 7.1 available try my avr may be.
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Sounds like your TV doesn't decode DTS. I know my LG doesn't. The only way you'll get DTS/HD Audio/7.1 is to hook up that drive to an external player such as a PC or certain media streamers. I don't think the PS3 or XBox 360 support MKV. Higher end devices such as the Popcorn Hour or Dune might though. You should check out the Home Theater Computer and Media Streamer sub forums here at AVS.

Good luck!
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I use a HTPC with a HDMI out to stream MKV HD audio codecs to my Pioneer Elite AVR.

Best of luck
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The PS3 does support MKV if you use mkv2vob. You can do some stuff for the X-Box but it does not support media files with more than 2 channels. If your Samsung TV has ARC (audio return channel), then you should be able to use one HDMI cable that sends signals both ways. If not, then you'll need an external hardware to put the USB into. Streaming has highly variable quality when it comes multi channel sound so I wouldn't rely on that.
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How about this.

IT possible to still have same setup AKA connecting HDD directly to TV but instead of using Optical to AVR use HDMI that connected to AVR (does is send audio signal at that time?) Basically I am trying to find out if I can use my current setup to do TrueHD and DTS-HD audio with mkv. And I do have 3.55 JB PS3 ...may be some homebrew ?

Thank you guys, let me know if you have some suggestion on how to get maximum out my setup and my mkv collection.


From what I understand any media player like popcorn hour A300 will do the job just fine with passtrough HD audio to AVR and it'll play any mkv or any other format ... but if it's possible to avoid buying another hardware with same result that'll be nice.
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