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Why shoot in HD if you have to convert?

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Maybe there's already a thread for this, but I've been brooding over this issue since purchasing my new cx570. Like most amateurs, I quickly realized my computer is not powerful enough to handle Sony's AVCHD files, for both viewing and editing. Naturally I figured out how to convert the files into wmv or avi (which of the two is best, by the way?). The switch naturally reduces resolution quailty I think, so I'm wondering about the concept of just shooting in standard mode (HQ 50i) until I have more harddrive space. What would I lose as a struggling videographer in regards to quality. I know shooting in HQ I will lose the widescreen -- does that mean my video will look unproportioned on a television screen?
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If you are using a Windows PC, maybe WMV is better for editing in Windows Movie Maker, But if you are using a Mac, I guess MP4 format would be better. I don't know what do you use to convert your AVCHD files, Handbrake or anything else? I always use enolsoft video converter to encode videos, it supports HD quality output, maybe you can have a try. Just my personal experience.
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I'm using wondershare to convert my videos. Seems good so far. Fast.

What do you mean that ensoft supports 'hd quality output', that it leaves better quality after converting from the avchd file?
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I would continue to shoot in full HD and buy a $100 TB external USB drive to keep stuff on.

Once I have that in place, it's time to save some pennies and buy a better PC, by either buying the parts, or buying it in one go.

Go for the biggest CPU and memory combo you can afford.

But always shoot in full HD> It gives you more options down the line...

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Your TV is HD, isn't it ? - and you want your footage to look good on your TV, no ?

ergo, shoot in HS, & always keep your original files. Drives are dirt cheap now.
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