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Please recommend me decent $2000 HT system

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Hello all,
I finally saved up $2000 to buy my first decent HT. I currently have cheapo 5.1 BA mcs 160 setup with polk audio PSW505.

I already have denon avr 1912. So i just need speakers and maybe a sub. My room is 22x18 and I will use this primarily for music.

I have my satellite speakers already mounted on the ceiling, so it would be a + if i can mount the speakers. with 2k budget, the

combinations are limitless, but I have some speakers in mind if that helps.

Kef KHT3005BL 5.1 complete set

4(2front 2 surround ) definitive technology ProMonitor 1000 + Definitive Technology ProCenter 2000 + my old polk psw505

Front: pair of KEF Q300 surround: Definitive Technology Mythos Gem center: KEF Q600C

Front Polk Audio LSi9 Center Polk Audio CSI A4 surround 2 Definitive Technology Mythos Gem XL

Floor standing Klipsch RF82 II rear 2 Mirage OMD5 center Klipsch RC42 II sub my old polk psw505

Feel free to recommend me other speakers. For rear and center speakers, it must be mountable to ceiling. the front R&L speakers can be floor standing, bookshelf and satellite.
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I don't get it. If this is just for music, why not just get 2.0 or 2.1 setup. I would blow my whole budget $2000 on floorstanders. Lot of competition in this area. Ascend sierra towers for example.

Even if you are going to watch movies 5% of the time, no way would i match up a mirage center with klipsch front speakers. Would rather run a phantom center. How would you mount the kef or polk center to the celing? That probably would sound terrible.

Woops, misread klipsch rc-42 center. Still mounting a rc-42 to ceiling doesn't sound appealing and rc-62 is the matching center.
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I would buy the Martin logans Vistas right now on sale for $2000.These are $4300 speakers.You will have speakers most only dream of.The sound will make you drool.Then later add as money allows.Deals like this do not come around much.
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Hmm thanks for the advice. If I were to stick with pair of floor standing ones, which ones do you recommend? Is my avr even decent?
I found these: any good?
B&W Matrix 804 Series 1
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I agree...for music only, 5.1 is NOT the best use of your dollar. Get the best set of full range tower or bookshelf speakers you can, or save 500 dollars for a sub and then go 2.1.
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Mounting a center on the ceiling will take a big toll on the overall sound. It will screw up the imaging so bad that it's not even worth having a center in that situation, especially since this is primarily for music. Your polk sub is pretty so-so, I would sell it and get something better. Check out Hsu Research, Outlaw Audio, Rythmik, and SVS for good affordable subs. Make sure you don't spend a lot on the surround speakers, they are not going to help music much, in fact I would just ditch them as well, or leave the ones you have. For sound quality, your money will go so much further if you focus on a 2.1 system.
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Thank you for the help so far. I've made my decision to go with 2.1 setup. Now, i just need to know which one to get.
Floor standing: KEF Q900 vs Klipsch RF-7 II
Is this a good sub? VTF-1 MK2
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Offer $1800 shipped on the Dynaudio Focus MkII's and consider yourself lucky if the seller accepts. You'll just need to use them lightly until you get a capable amp.


I started out in 2 channel with the MKII's and they sounded awesome regardless of where I listened to them. I did use a fairly expensive Bryston amp/pre-amp with them though. I now have a 5.2 Dynaudio system which I haven't set up due to remodeling, but it should still sound great with music and movies. I also sold off the Bryston stereo stuff for a capable processor and seperate multi-channel amp.
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What would be a "capable amp" for 2.1 setup?
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Originally Posted by kepler28nm View Post

Is this a good sub? VTF-1 MK2

HSU makes great subs. But with that size room, best to step up to a 12", the VTF-2 MK4.
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Originally Posted by kepler28nm View Post

What would be a "capable amp" for 2.1 setup?

Probaly at least $500. High current models are preferable for the Dyn's. Many out there so I will leave it to everyone else to recommend.
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my original budget was 2k for speakers but I can return my 1912 and sell my speakers. So at most, I'll have 3K for a complete 2.1 system + amp
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I'd say go for the Dynaudio 220's and maybe look for a used Adcom GFA-5800 (maybe GFA-5802) amp and GFP-750 pre-amp. If you do this you should be 99% sure that music is your primary goal.
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