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BenQ7000 vs Panasonic AE-7000

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Hi, its my first projector so I'm looking for a nice easy experience which works well very simply.

I have a HTPC with a lot of 1080p/720p media and DVD rips and an XBOX 360 & PS3 for bluerays and gaming. I am interested in 3D content every once in a while so would love for that to be top notch.

I can't quite separate these two machines and would love some type of advice.

I will move the projector from lounge to bedroom every couple of days, from flat to flat every month and from city to city every 6 months. I cannot guarantee light conditions, ambient light etc. so it needs to be pretty versatile in terms of placement and pack a punch.

50% TV shows, 30% movies, 20% gaming.

Thank you!
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The W7000 can put out 1500 lumens with a correct color calibration, this is going to be noticeable brighter than the best mode on the Panasonic. In addition, the 3D (if your ever interested) is some of the best your going to see in the under 10K price range.

The main feature on the Panasonic is the lens memory for switching between 16:9 and 2:35:1 content.

For non-controlled lighting, the W7000 is a good pick. I would also consider the Epson 5010 which has a very bright 'living room mode' (around 2000 lumens, colors are off a bit though in this mode, and 1400 lumens with correct colors)
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Thank you very much for your reply. The Epson I think is out of the question due to the reported 100ms plus input lag which is simply not good enough for such an expensive projector in my opinion.

The lens memory is definitely handy but I agree I was attracted to the high lumen output of the benq7000 but my reservations lie in reports that the Panasonic is a more polished and seemless experience whilst there is little information on the benq w7000 in the form of videos etc.

I do like the wide screen option of the Panasonic, how much would it cost for the lens for that function to be available on the w7000? I'm considering projecting either of these projectors off of simple white walls if that helps in choosing.

I really just want the best projector which will be the easiest to use in different situations.

Can the w7000 have easy placement I.e. does it have to be in line with the screen or can it turn a bit left or right to get its image on?
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The BenQ is 50ms with the FI and DI turned off, the Epson 5010 is 80MS (not 100MS). The fastest I've tested was the Sony HW30 @ 30MS in it's gaming mode.

The W7000 has some slight horizontal lens shift, but there is much more room in the vertical adjustment.
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