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Ascend CBM-170 reviews from AVS?

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Hello everyone. I just don't see a lot on these but for some reason I really want to try a pair. I see a bit on the Sierra-1's but I am about to pull the plug on some bookshelves for my 2.1 system at my computer desk. I have emotiva dac and amp, but these will be moved eventually to the HT and I'll be getting an HK 3490 for my 2.1.

I have 20 year old Jensen Bookshelves hooked to my Sony STR-D565 (Another ancient piece of equipment.) so I know whatever I get is going to sound infinitely better, but why would I want Polks or Energy or whatever over these? I know it's really just opinions and that's what I'm asking for. Everyone has a Polk or Energy, but I rarely see these and they seem pretty equivalant.

Anyone own these? Anyone want to try and slant my purchase?


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There is a dedicated Ascend "SE" thread:

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Wow, and I searched too. I suck! Thanks for the link! smile.gif
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Did you read through the AVS Ascend SE thread? http://www.avsforum.com/t/629769/ascend-se-owners-thread
Ascend also has links to professional and user reviews on its site.

I just got a pair about a week ago and am pretty impressed. They are very clear and have a good soundstage. They would probably sound terrific in 2.1 computer setup. Ascend assembles its speakers by hand in California. The drivers are excellent and just as good as ones you will find in other mainstream brands, probably better. Dave was helpful and honest when he answered my questions before I ordered. They have a 30 day guarantee too. I'm pretty sure I will be keeping mine, and adding more Ascend speakers to round out my 5.1 set up.

You should at least try them out for 30 days and some of the other ID companies. The HSU speakers seem to be well liked here on AVS too. I think you get more bang for your buck buying from a ID company. I don't trust room setups at stores anymore.
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Gear mentioned in this thread:

AVS › AVS Forum › Audio › Speakers › Ascend CBM-170 reviews from AVS?