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No sound from Marantz SR6006 zone 2 or 3

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I just placed a Marantz SR6006 into use. The old receiver died. I use zone 2 to send analog signals to an old Denon DRA-375 to power outdoor speakers. I use zone 3 to send analog sources to my laptop to convert them to digital files. I can plug either zone's cables into the laptop and record phono input. The old receiver had zone 2 plugged into the Denon on the CD input RCA jacks. When I plug either zone 2 or 3 into the Denon I get nothing. I unplugged my CD player from the Marantz and plugged it directly into the Denon CD input jacks and it play just fine. If I am getting a signal out of Zone 2 and 3 into my laptop and the Denon will play input through the CD input why can't I play zone 2 or 3 through my Denon?
Help. I am very frustrated at this point.
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If the CD plays fine in the main zone, there's no reason it shouldn't play in Zone 2 or 3. You may want to try resetting the microprocessor (p. 150 OM). Also note the AVR will pass PCM 2.0 over optical or coax digital to Zones 2/3 as well.
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Just to clarify, are you using analog stereo cables from the cd player to the Marantz? If not, are you sending it PCM via optical or coax?

I know you are connecting the denon via analog cables from the zone outputs from the Marantz. The reason, there is no digital to anolog converters for the zone 2/3 outs from the Marantz. You will need to send an analog signal straight from the cd player to the Marantz (already decoded before it hits the receiver).
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The input I am using to try and set up zone 2 and 3 is from my turntable. I assume that has to be analog. I mentioned the CD playing through the Denon because I thought I had blown out the CD input jacks on the Denon when I raised the out put volume from either zone 2 or 3 cables on the Marantz in an attempt to get some sound from the outdoor speakers hooked up to the Denon. I realize that if I can ever get sound to my outdoor speakers attached to the Denon that I may have to hook up the CD player by analog RCA jacks so that all sources to zone 2 and 3 are analog.
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The issue may be with the phono pre-amp. Get the CD and Tuner inputs to pass to Zones 2/3 first.
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Thanks I will try the tuner first.
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I don't know what just happened. I took the advice to start with the tuner and lo and behold it worked. Both through the Denon to the outside speakers and into the laptop. Then onto the CD player, it worked. Then the turntable, that has never worked, and it worked. Then the tape deck, same thing. I didn't doing anything different than what I have tried the last three weeks but right now I don't care. :)Thanks to the folks who responded. smile.gif I just hope this lasts!!!
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Always start with the basics before moving on to the harder connections. wink.gif
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Glad to hear you got it working!
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Just a quick thank you to jdsmoothie for the tip on resetting the microprosessor. I had a problem with my Marantz 6006, where all speakers were working, except the 2 main front speakers. Also, Airplay was not available. Instead of checking the OM, I searched the web and found this thread. Then I checked the OM and found several things I could try. None worked untill I reset the microprosessor, so thanks jdsmoothie!
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Thanks for posting. Enjoy! smile.gif
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I am trying to connect some speakers in a separate room as zone 2 but to no avail. The marantz sr6006 is working fine through my surround sound (5.1) main room. Connected to the Internet fine. AirPlay works great. Have reset the microprocessor per this post but nothing. I have zone 2 chosen on the amp assignment. Any ideas? Just trying to play radio or airplay in zone 2
Thanks in advance
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Did you turn Zone 2 ON?
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Yes. I've turned it on and tried different stations via the iPhone app just as I have changed stations on the main channel but no sound. I even tried zone 3 but no sound.
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Confirm the speakers work by setting Amp Assign to "SPKR - C".
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I changed the amp assignment to speaker C, then main speakers continued to work but the zone 2 speakers did not. I connected the speakers to another receiver -Onkyo sr805 and on the onkyo zone 2 they worked without a problem. Reconnected to marantz and no sound
Can the HD radio be routed to zone 2 (is it a digital signal)? What about airplay - digital signal as well?
Any further ideas?
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Do you happen to have the speakers connected to the "Front B" instead of the "Surr Back/Amp Assign"?
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No but I did have the speakers connected to zone 2 out. THE PRE AMP connections. I didn't look close enough to the manual and made a stupid assumption about zone 2 out. Thank you jdsmoothie for questioning where I had the speakers connected. Thank you for pointing out my human error - usually the culprit.
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