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It wasn't long after I bought my JBL PB12 in Nov of 2002 that I started reading of problems with the amps. At the time, I really would have liked the SVS sub, but it was out of my price range, besides I wanted to keep all of my speakers of the same brand. Well, a couple of months ago I realized that the amp lights were lighting up, but I was getting no bass. A little trial and error confirmed that the amp had died as predicted. I feel lucky to have gotten almost 10 years out of it. So with my birthday coming up, I have put the SVS PC12-NSD on my list, and with my wife seeming agreeable, I am looking forward to a whole new world of bass within a month.

My question is: is there any value in a non-working PB12? Can the amp be bypassed and have speaker hooked directly to the bass speaker output of a receiver? I suppose I could pull off the panel and try some rewiring, but I thought is best to ask ahead of time.