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Manual screen to pair with JVC RS45

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Hi all,

Have a dedicated HT (19'8"x12'10"x7'2") (LWH) and I'm trying to decide on the best manual pull down screen. I'm going with the manual because I plan to use my wall mounted plasma for everyday gaming, sports, and news. I decided to purchase the JVC RS45. While I'm sure I'll watch some Olympics and HDTV, I want to optimize for Blu Ray movie watching. I'm leaning towards a 120" 16:9 which would allow me 2 rows starting at 12'.

Any recommendations such as screen size, aspect ratio, brands, etc. would be greatly appreciate. Financially my sweet spot around $500, but would be willing to go a bit higher if the value was there.

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For a manual screen around that size, I would go with a Da-Lite Model C using Matte White surface. I would probably go with the Model C with CSR. The roller on this screen is large enough that it will do a better job than the cheap screens. If you have any questions let us know.
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Thanks Mike.

I see a few screen surfaces for Da-Lite, viz. Matte White, HC Matte White, and Spectra that seem to fit my situation. So are you recommending Matte White Specifically over the other screen material options?

What are the benefit of the CSR other than ease of use?

Any issues with a screen that size staying flat (i.e., no waves)?

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CSR helps so people don't "snap" their screen like a window shade when using it. If you are careful it is not necessary but it is a VERY nice feature. All manual screens develop waves eventually but how noticeable they are is the question. The matte white and high power are the least noticeable with viewing material. With any of them you will probably only notice the waves on very bright scenes of close to a solid color. Like a blue sky or ice that takes up a large portion of the screen for example.

Your viewing conditions help determine which screen material would be a better choice. Do you watch with lights on? Color of wall and ceiling? Where is the projector going to be placed? Where is the lighting placed in relation to the screen and seating?
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BobL, thanks for your response.

I plan to have a dark room. The wall in which the screen will be on will be black. The walls, ceiling & carpet navy blue.

The projector will be on the ceiling (or a shelf close to it) in the rear middle of the room.

I have 6 recessed lights that run the length of the room. I typically turn off all the lights and close the door when watching a movie, therefore only light is from projector.

I've linked/attached a quick & dirty mockup of the room. It's not to scale, but shows the layout OK.

room setup.jpg 18k .jpg file
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Basic matte white is a good choice for your conditions.
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