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A5s-800P with EHQS 8's (Prototype)

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Ok so just thought I would share this little project here. It's pretty much a music sub and to compliment the high bass in other media if needed. And also I got really bored, haven't done a project in a little while. I want to also thank Elemental Designs for the help with the design and advice that we went back and forth with and they were so gracious as to allow me to use one of their model names for my Sub so thanks Ben Alex and all the rest of the gang for the years of service and support.

So here we go:

Drivers: 4 Elemental Designs EHQS8 (Discontinued)
Amplifier: BASH 300s
Enclosure material 3/4" MDF
Dimensions: 48" H x 16" D x 13.5" W
Tuning: 30Hz approx.
Damping: 4lbs of Poly Fill
Configuration: Sealed

This sub sounds really great and holds it's own down low for music and give you a nice little thump in the chest with the two 13 Kv.2s that he has to play with. Here are a few pics.

After construction:

Dry fitting drivers:


Painting done, drivers and amp installed:

Installed in position:

Change in reconfiguration and what gives me the best result so far:

Hope you liked it and thanks.:T:wave:
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at first, i didn't catch that you stacked your other subs on top of each other. the picture is a little dark on my comp.

it is kind of funny (or is it sad) to see how many folks are adding back in the woofers that manufacturers left out for whatever reason.

i see a bigger screen in your future. :-)
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You have a point with the adding back in drivers that manufacturers left out, but hey it happens.

As for the TV I would love to see a bigger screen in my future too but in that small room it would actually bee too big. The room is really damn small so that size right there is about right. Probably when I get another Man Cave it may happen.

Thanks for the comments.
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the four stack looks pretty cool to boot. it looks right at home there.
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Yeah, thanks, there was speculation to do them 2 and 2 but I have space issues as you can see. lol
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