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Howdy All,

I was wondering if anyone has ever attempted a DIY Barber pole?

I'm figuring - a standard barber pole mounted to the wall, maybe running off a disco ball motor?

This is the basic idea I'm looking at

I was thinking that I can use a standard ...lets say 5" globe light cover for the top.

Round clear pvc pipe for the glass casing (I was looking for one of those hurricane classes for candles - but haven't found anything large enough)

I figure a disco ball motor or one of those small cheap disco lights that rotate and have a light bulb inside already
See here

I've tested it somewhat with a piece of pvc pipe and the motor seems to spin it at a decent speed.

But where I get stuck, is with the mounts. I don't really want to use wood - as I feel it wouldn't be strong enough once the whole barber pole was assembled, and I don't have a ton of metal work experience.

Any suggestions would be great. They're expensive to buy, and I'm sure everyone likes to save money!