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I decided to swap out my old JBL 2600 monitors for a pair of Energy RVS-2 speakers. I didn't want to have to replace the foam again, and I stumbled into a good deal on the Energy speakers (Canadian speakers are not very popular here in Arizona, go figure!)

The Energy speakers sound great, but in their current configuration, I've noticed a funny thing about the response curve- the bass is strong at 150hz, then gradually gets weaker, bottoming out around 80hz, then starts coming back up, peaking at about 40hz. I've got a subwoofer, and I'm wondering about reducing the bass response a bit on the Energys, especially that 40hz peak, so I can make better use of the sub. I guess the alternative would be to shore up the 80hz dip, either one would work- my real goal is to flatten out the response curve a bit. I was actually quite surprised that the Energy speakers hit 40hz... truth is, they're quite strong down there... I could easily do without the woofer if it weren't for the dip.

I emailed Energy about getting an owners manual.

My current setup has the Energy speakers sitting on my computer desk, on either side of my computer monitor. It's a corner desk, so the corner of the room is right between the speakers. There isn't a whole lot of room to pull them away from the walls, maybe 6 inches at best. It seems they're a tad large for my current setup- I hadn't realized how deep (dimensionally) the Energy speakers were compared to the old JBLs.

I've had some speakers in the past that recommended plugging the bass port in order to reduce bass response- since I don't have the owner's manual, I'm not sure if this is something the manufacturer recommends and I wouldn't want to damage them somehow (I kinda doubt that would happen, but I want to err on the side of caution).

Well, since I've already written a novel here, I might as well go ahead and ask what people think of these speakers for music listening. I'll be using these to watch TV shows and listen to music. I've played a range of music both quietly and with the volume up halfway. They seem to do a good job. They definitely fill the office. Highs seem a bit subdued, but they're a little less harsh, and not quite as thin sounding as the JBLs were.