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Multi room solution - I'm stuck- please help!

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I know there is an easy solution here but I can't figure it out. Here is what I have:

Sony receiver with two zones (single feed) and multiple optical inputs
Kenwood receiver with one zone and single optical input.

Apple TV and DirecTV box

5.1 set up
Kitchen speakers
Office speakers
Likely outdoor speakers soon

Currently I have the Apple TV and DirecTV feed going to the TV via HDMi Then a single optical audio out going to the Kenwood receiver. The 5.1 speakers are powered from Kenwood receiver.

Then, I have direct optical feeds from Directv and Apple Tv into the Sony. The office speakers and kitchen speakers are powered by the Sony. Problem is the audio isn't synced with the Kenwood when I play them all.

Considering I will be expanding this soon (and I have no desire necessarily for separate audio to be played through each set of speakers - its more for whole home audio, can anyone recommend a simple solution for this both for now and when I expand?

- new receiver? Expensive
- speaker selector switch?
- some other way to configure current equipment

Oh, and all the speakers in the office and kitchen, etc have wall volume control.

Please help however you can! Frustrated.....
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Assuming you're target is multi-room audio (only) in sync, one way to lock things up is to use an analog source. If you have the first generation ATV, you've got an analog out. If not, I like the Airport Express for this. It's a great deal, you can find them for $89, and stream audio to them from iTunes as a destination. You can simply split the analog outputs with a "Y" cord and feed both receivers if they are close by, or what I do is place multiple Airports around where I need them, then in iTunes select them as destinations, and they all play out in sync. Any new receivers that are "AirTunes" enabled will work pretty much the same. For any digital audio connection you've got whatever delays are involved in processing to analog within the receivers.
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