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Good Inexpensive HDMI Matrix

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Forget the splitters, I need a 8x8 HDMI matrix. I will likely run analog audio separately if I need to for remote sources, but expect most of my sources to be local, so no need for digital ins/outs or cross format conversion.

My need is that it will properly handle all HDMI signals I throw at it (including 3D and HD audio) and will output across all output simultaneously without issue.

I do NOT want flicker from the displays when a TV is turned on or off, or when a new source is added within a valid resolution.

So, if my 1080i cable/fios/sat box is on, and I turn the family room on, then I turn on the basement, my family room should not 'flash' or lose image because I added a new display to the matrix.

If my 1080p 3D source is turned on in the 3D compliant family room, but then turned on in the non-3D compliant playroom, I can handle it doing a resolution shift to 2D and 1080i. No big deal.

Any input is appreciated and I'm trying to keep it under $3,000 if possible. Would like to know the experience others have had with products they may have tried.

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Try Snap AV, I know they make an 8x8 matrix but I don't know if you will be able to stay within your budget. I had a friend who purchased their 4x4 matrix with HDMI + CAT5e/6 outputs and it went about $1.4K.
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Good luck. How much money do you have to spend? Have you looked at the Atlona HDBaseT products?
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The SnapAV 8x8 w/ mirrored CAT6 outputs retails for $5999.99 with the receivers at $149.99 each. The standard 8x8 is $3999. I believe Atlona's 8x8 only has CAT6 outputs and the receivers are $249.99 each with the matrix at $7499.99
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Snap AV HDMI matrix switchers are very good but have a loud fan

also check out the new Gefen Toolbox GTB-HDFST-848 which lists for $2500.00 and can be purchased for under $2k: no fan and fast switching using FST setting

RT Com makes an excellent 8x8 matrix switch for around $2.5k that has an Ethernet GUI in addition to RS232 and IR control
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Just catching up on some old posts and wondered if anyone found or could PM me a link to the RTCom matrix for $2500. I am only seeing $5-6K.

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