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Blazin 3D Sony HMZ & ST1080 comfort mods

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Blazin 3D is proud to present some more products for the Sony HMZ and the all new Silicon Micro Display ST1080. These products are made for comfort and fitment issues with these devices and for your viewing pleasure.

First up we have the all new pitch black light blocker & forhead pad for the Sony HMZ.

Yes, it looks a little goofy. But after a month of experimenting with different other options such as using straps on the back and making it look cooler we found this one is the best.
It blocks 100% of light from bright rooms and because it fits around your head comfortably with elastic bands it blocks all reflections from behind or the sides as well. Making a totally dark movie theater viewing like experience.

It's custom cut to fit perfectly on the Sony HMZ and even makes a good cover when not in use.

The forhead pad comes with the light blocker and sticks on right above the original Sony forhead pad with velcro. After literally months of testing we found this is the best spot
to add a soft cushion pad which eliminates pressure off your nose and stops the redness on your forehead! It doe's not get in the way of the lenses for viewing.



And now that the new Silicon Micro Display is out we have made cushion pads for it as well. Since it is not a perfectly comfortable HMD to wear either.

Many have complained, including myself that the viewing angle is off on the ST1080. In order to get a full screen good view the device needs to be lifted up. We have made a middle cushion pad which raises the ST1080 up off
your nose and gives you a full screen comfortable view.


The included string for holding the ST1080 on your face was cheap, we have made a better cushioned one for you that is easily adjustable with velcro straps.

A perfect comfortable fit with these cushions!


We have also made a light blocker for the St1080, as light seems to shine in always and cause reflections while using the device.

The light blocker fits over your head and ST1080 blocking 100% of all light.

It's also custom fit for a perfect fit.

It also comes with a thin forhead pad to relieve pain the ST1080 causes while in use and won't cause you to have a sore red forehead.

All these can be found at www.blazin3d.com and we are taking pre-orders only at this time.

You are welcome to post photos of you using our products on this thread and let us know how they work for you!
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By the way, those who ordered the light blocker for the HMZ in the past will get the forehead pad included smile.gif
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We are working on orders and soon will be designing some new headphone covers.
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