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Newbie Question about gamma and "Standard Mode"

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Finally i have done all the changes to my tv (Samsung LED TV) for a correct callibration. When i have callibrated the "standard mode" i was surprised by a few things that i want to ask:

- Using Standard Menu, in standard mode, i had to lower the gamma to -2 or -3 (depending on ambient light) to obtain a correct greyscale. I have also to lower the blue offset and blue gain a lot (from 25 to 2 and 5). Really caught my atention when i switch to movie mode and almost not notice diffrences from the standard mode. It's like without "having the intention to do so" had left the standard mode like movie mode.

Is it normal to lower the gamma and red offset and gain in standard mode and is it so like movie mode the result? (It is as if they were the standard mode and dynamic mode highly deviated from the correct calibration with intent to sell more televisions and they would have us "believe" in colors "designed" for brightly lit areas full of competing TVs to "win" brightest colors, very low "blacks" and very high "whites").
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Don't know the answer exactly, but I have the Samsung ES7100 and when I calibrated my TV using standard mode I ended up with a gamma of -2 so that seems normal to me.

As far as having to lower your blue offset that would be normal as Standard mode has a cooler color temp, that's why I use Warm2 as my color. Also if you have a 3D Samsung, 3D TV's push blue pretty hard for some reason so you generally need to dial that back.

At the end of the day Movie Mode is generally the closest starting point for calibration (although I like Standard better) so correctly calibrated you would have an image that looks close to Movie Mode.
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It depends on what you mean by "normal"... for most recent Samsung displays, yes, it is normal. For TVs in general... there is nothing that is "normal" they are all different and need different settings.

Also, as you found out different Modes (Standard, Movie, Dynamic, etc.) all have different settings and will need different combinations of settings to make them look right.

If your TV has, for example, 6 Modes you can select, and all of the modes have all of the calibration controls available so you can change everything for any mode... if you were to calibrate all 6 modes so that gamma is 2.2 (or 2.3, whichever you prefer), so that the grayscale is accurate, and so that colors are accurate. And you set Sharpness correctly and set 100% white to the same luminance level (say 35 fL), and you set Brightness so that step 18 is just barely visible and step 16 is black. And you turn off edge enhancement and any of the other dynamic controls (except perhaps the variable backlight... that can be a useful feature). If you get all the settings correct for each mode, then you switch between the 6 different modes, they will all look the same unless one of the modes has some kind of processing that you cannot turn off or fix.
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On the Samsungs, only Movie and Standard mode offer full picture settings (advanced picture menus unlocked). Also, I think some advanced settings may not be in Standard mode, like 10-pt white balance.
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