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polk monitor 70 II : what sounds similar to ?

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hi everyone,

question to all polkies here. i want to buy monitor 70 II but i never heard how it sound. where i live, we only have best buy with their polk TSi series collection. which TSi series has sound close to (identical perhaps ?) monitor 70 II ?

thank you.
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Polk Monitor 70's are functionally the same as Polk TSi 500 towers. Only real difference is the price.

I have been very satisfied with my pair of Monitor 70's. When on sale at newegg.com, they are excellent speakers for the money spent. Add a Polk Monitor CS2 center and you have a dynamic and full frequency "front 3" in a home theater setup.
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thanks for the reply !
i will audience the tsi500 tmrw. lately i've been listening to dubstep music quite a lot. will i still be needing a sub ? or the 70s will push enough bass ? i am using denon avr 3312ci and mostly for music listening. l
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You should get a subwoofer. A tower speaker wont be able to reach as low as a quality subwoofer.
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yep, a sub adds the low-end punch that few primary speakers can match. The Monitor 70's have good low end for "normal" music listening, but movie soundtracks with their LFE (low frequency effects - the .1 in 5.1) channel make very good use of a separate powered subwoofer.

Don't base all of your decision on an audition at a "big box" store.....their acoustics usually suck, and you have no idea how the speakers are set up and how they are being driven. It's worth the effort to go listen, but they will sound different (probably better) in your home, with your equipment.
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