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*Official* Toshiba XXL5200U Thread (50L5200U, 46L5200U, 40L5200U) - Page 2

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Jamich -
There is an option to use an external source. IIRC, it's not under the audio menu, but the Setup menu.

Found it:
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And why didn't I look there in the first place? Thanks for your help.
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I have a 50L5200U, and I am very pleased with it. I like the fact that it has a matte screen, as there is a lot of ambiant light in my living room. I switched off the 120hz as it made everything look cartoon-y.

I watch a lot of sports, Formula 1, etc, and have not noticed any motion blur or ghosting.

I like it with my Sony BluRay player, though there is some edge bleed noticeable in dark scenes with the lights turned down in the room. It isn't a deal-breaker for me.

I think it looks great off-axis viewing. I read a review somewhere that said it was bad off-axis, but my wife and I can't find fault with it.

The cheesy remote is crappy, but we mostly only use it to switch inputs.

Overall, a steal for the $699 I paid for it last summer. I saw it last week at Fry's for $599!
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I bought my 40L5200U a year ago, and I love it (even though HDTV prices, in general, "fell off a cliff" right after I bought it). A good picture, 3 HDMI inputs, one "custom" setting plus "Dynamic", "Standard" and "Movie" presets.

I am having a slight flickering problem on the AVS709 disc. I just got the Panasonic DMP-BDT-500 Blu-Ray player, and its settings are stock (contrast, chroma process, sharpness, all that).

Choose "Misc. patterns" then choose "Resolution". Two of the screens there are giving me problems. The "single black pixels" and the "vertical resolution - 1 pixel" cause flickering. Also, sometimes it looks like someone is playing the start of a 16mm film during the flickering, where someone wrote with a marker on the beginning of the film. Fleeting artifacts that remind me of someone's handwriting, but they are not.

This happens at both 60Hz (clear frame = off) and 120 Hz (clear frame = ON).

I have the "Tartan" 24 AWG HDMI cable from Blue Jeans cable, I wiggled it a bit, it did not cause or stop the flickering.

Does anyone know the name of this problem or the cause? Is this in the TV or the player? I don't think this will affect actual movies/TV, but I would like to understand what this is.

Do you have any ideas? Thanks in advance for your input.
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I have the 40" version (40L5200U), and I have had a problem with motion blur since I bought the TV in October 2012. I read in this thread that turning off clearframe may help. I did that. I also would like to turn off the 120Hz. Did turning off clearframe turn off the 120Hz? I cannot find a setting in the menu to turn it off. Also, what else would anyone suggest regarding getting the best picture? Thanks.

Edit: Sorry, but I just read the answer to my question in an above post. I should have read the thread more carefully. Thanks.
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As far as the best picture, I suggest using the THX Optimizing screens on any THX movie. I used "Willow". I also recommend the AVS disc, which requires a Blu-Ray player to play back. Some Blu-Ray players can only read the AVS disc if it is burned onto a Blu-Ray recordable, which few people have. My Blu-Ray worked fine with a regular DVD-R.

The TV's "preference" mode is where your settings will be saved ("movie mode", etc. are manufacturer presets). Adjust to your personal taste with the lighting conditions you expect to have when viewing.

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Originally Posted by Todd_L View Post

Does anyone know how the 46L5200U compares to the Samsung UN46EH6000? They seem pretty similar as far as I can tell, and similar in price. I'm having a hard time deciding on one over the other. Thanks.

I just bought the Toshiba L5200u 46 inch because my Samsung LN46c630 exploded after a little over two years. I called Samsung and they said call for service - no help at all. Do a Google search on Samsung problems and you will see.
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Any comments on displaying standard definition satellite content on the 50" version ? Thanks
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Toshiba 50L5200U arrived yesterday. I setup the TV per Digital Trends settings. The 1st thing I notice is on any black background there is this octagon line of lights coming through. The only way to get rid of it is to turn the "Backlight" at or near zero. Is this normal? Did I miss a setting?

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I think that CNET's settings (in dim lighting) is the best for that backlight problem. However, now I'm wondering how to get rid of the excess GREEN TINT in the shadows ect.

From CNET review of Toshiba 50L5200U

Mode: Preference

-- Picture settings menu:
Contrast: 88
Backlight: 47
Dynalight: Off
Brightness: 58
Color: 41
Tint: 0
Sharpness: 0

Advanced Picture Settings submenu
Dynamic Contrast: Off
Static Gamma: -2
Cinema Mode: Film
ClearFrame: Off
Film Stabilization: Standard

Color Temperature submenu
Color Temp: Warm
B Drive: -6
G Drive: 2

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