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New home; new audio setup

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Just wondering if there are any reccomendations for audio switchers. I'm building a setup with CQC (Charmedquark.com). Basically, I'll have a multichannel audiocard that CQC will load up and be available for different rooms to request music from. What I need is an audio switcher; four channels would be sufficient, but 6-8 would be better. It should have rs232 control as well. IR would be a minimum if no rs232 is available.

Let's assume I have 4 ports in the control software controlling 4 outputs from the audio card which are connected to an amp or self powered speakers. Room 1 has control of port 1, etc. It can request whatever music it wants and the control software will deliver it. Each room will work this way. Additionally, I should be able to over-ride, and tell all 4 rooms to play the music from source 1, 2, 3, or 4 (whole house audio).

Any suggestions on hardware necessary for this? I have a CE labs AV switcher. It's 4x2, so not enough outputs but overkill on video; don't need video yet. There are a number of 4x4 and 8x8 matrixes out there, but they all drive audio and video and I don't want to pay for functionality I don't need. It must be able to set output of any channel to input of any channel, as well as multiple outputs to a single input.

Thanks for any thoughts/comments,

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You might receive more complete and timely advice it you post your query in parts of the forum such as the "Networking, Media Servers & Content Streamers" and associated Media server locations that specialize in such configurations. Best of luck.
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