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Receiver is flashing "Protector"

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My receiver is now flashing "Protector" after I switched the location of my receiver and subwoofer. Previously they were on the right side of my TV. Now they are on the left side of my TV. The receiver is sitting on top of a desk next to the TV and the subwoofer is now in the spot between the TV stand and the desk that the receiver is on. Previously, the sub was in the corner between the wall and TV stand. Other than switching the location of the receiver and sub, I replaced one of the speaker wires going from the receiver to the sub because the previous wire was too short for the sub's new location. I stripped the wire, twisted the copper wire to keep the copper strands together, checked to make sure it looked alright and just connected the wire to the receiver and subwoofer. I have never in the 15 years that I have owned the subwoofer and receiver, had the message "protector" flash. When I moved the receiver I disconnected the optical cord between it and the PS3 and it was somewhat stuck when I removed from the receiver and I wonder if I damaged the optical audio jack on the receiver when I had to pull somewhat hard to get the optical cord out of there.

I will say that the sub is right next to the TV stand and desk and there is a little but not much space between it and the desk and TV stand. Also, I have no subwoofer jack on my sub so I connect the sub to the receiver with speaker wire.

The last bit of information worth mentioning is that I have the subwoofer turned to "no" on the receiver and the speakers set to large. Also, both the subwoofer and receiver are connected to surge protectors.

How serious of a problem is this and what do you think could be causing this?
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What receiver do you have ?
Sounds like a short or blown fuse.
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Recheck your speaker wires at the receiver, sub and speakers. It's highly doubtful that the optical connector is the problem.
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I have a Sony Receiver. Chances are that something is wrong with the connection between the receiver, subwoofer and speakers. I also forgot to mention that in moving the receiver I had to remove the cable connecting to the receiver for one of the rear speakers and then reconnect it.

If my speaker did have a blown fuse or short circuit, is there anything I can do to fix that?
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If it were a "blown fuse", there would be no power or sound. You have a "shorted" speaker wire connection. Check "ALL" speaker wires. wink.gif
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Thanks. I will definitely be doing that.
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