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Need upgrade advice (budget 500-700)

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Just upgraded the tv and am now looking to the audio.

Currently have a Yamaha htr-5860 and a HKTS-6 speaker system.

I have done some reading and was considering getting the Jamo s606HCS3 or the Jamo S426Hcs3 speaker system and then get the Jamo Sub 260.

For the receiver I was thinking of getting the Sherwood Newcastle R-772 that is available for 199.00at J&r

My question is basically is this a big upgrade? I am no audiophile but my current system has been sounding tinny

The room is 12x 25 with low (7') ceilings

Will mainly be watching tv, movies via ps3, sports, games and would like to be able to listen to music. Current setup music is not so hot.

Any advice is appreciated!

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What devices will you be connecting to this new receiver? The Sherwood only has 2 HDMI inputs, I'd think I'd want something with at least 4.
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Currently I will only have the cable box and PS3 connected. I just want to make sure that the equipment I'm considering is actually a decent sized upgrade from what I already have otherwise I can make due until I can save up for better gear
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Your Yamaha already has YPAO room calibration which is pretty decent. I don't think that Sherwood has eq software as good. The one advantage of a new HDMI receiver is you can get the hi def audio from blu ray movies.

Speaker upgrade would be a much better improvement over the new receiver since you have small satellite speakers. You might want to concentrate your total $700 on that. The receiver isn't making those speakers sound tinny, its the lower quality of the speakers themself. It also doesn't help to have something that small in a 12 x 25 room.

I would get bookshelf speakers at a minimum. Or maybe the front three speakers and a better subwoofer.
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