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My front towers are not at ear level since I'm on a bed

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What do you think I should do?
I would say the top of the speaker tower is right where the top of my bed is so I sit on the bed and my ears are probably 2.5-3 feet above the highest point on the speaker. Should I raise them?
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so all the sound is aimed directly at the mattress?
I would think you would actually benefit by going with smaller speakers that you can mount higher up on the wall.
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You could always buy speaker stands depending on your tower size. But I would try something simpler first. Do your towers have tweeters as the topmost driver? If so, put spikes with dimpled bases only under the front edge of the cabinet and give a slight tilt to the drivers. This should help the soundstage elevate in-room.
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They're aimed at the bed but I can see them
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Originally Posted by HelloHelloHello View Post

Should I raise them?
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You can find speaker stands designed for floorstanding speakers, but it would probably be a lot cheaper to build your own. Just make sure whatever you use is weighted down enough (50+ lbs) to provide a solid base for your speakers.
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I have the same situation in my bedroom system, with my Monitor Silver 9i towers. These have adjustable spikes on the bottom, so I was able to angle them up toward bed level. But even if your speakers don't have any adjustments, you could, as previously suggested raise them a couple feet on some sort of solid stand. Actually, this thread has got me thinking of raising mine about a foot.
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Ya I'm going to build some box stands for them. Not sure how high though. Should tweeters be at ear level, above, below? What angle?
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I had towers in a bedroom set up. I made stands to raise them up and then lifted the backs to angle them forward. My center was mounted above the TV and angled down. All three tweeters were aimed at the pillow, or listening position.

A guy can get pretty handy if he needs to. I had a 7.1 with Monitors 70, 40, 30 and CS2 with an Epik Empire. The room was only 14.5 x 10.5. Had 50" plasma as well.

Went to Lowes and got a garage storage rack that had adjustable shelving with thin wood shelves. Painted everything black. Placed in the corner, the bottom shelf housed the sub, above that was amp, above that was AVR. The blu player had it's own shelf. The L main sat on top of the sub, wait, I think I have a pic somewhere.......


Nope, all I could find was the rig I had before I put together the storage rack. I had placed a 2 x 2 block of wood in front of the rear speaker feet to angle it forward.
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