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Sony XBR4 Replacement ADVICE Please

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Hi, I am so confused and was hoping to get some help. I have read through these threads and I am just so confused as to what to do. Please know that I do not know very much about the technologies behind TVs. But, I do know how much we loved our xbr4 and thought it had a beautiful picture. I have to decide which TV replacement we should choose and I am just lost! Can you guys please help?

Here is the story:

Sony 52" XBR4 TV LCD panel went bad 2 weeks ago. TV is under warranty with the store we purchased from.

They (the store) offered 55" KDL55BX520. I told them I did not think that TV was good enough because of what I read here...the guy on the sales floor actually agreed with me. He called "the warranty people" and he came back with this:

They now have offered the 55" Sony EX640.

They also said we could get the 55" HX750 for an additional 300 dollars.

I am just so confused. I don't want to get ripped off, but I really do not know where to go for advice.

I do not really care about having a 3D picture and a bunch of Skyping, youtube and extras like that... but I just want the replacement TV to have the same beautiful picture that we loved in the xbr4.
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The XBR4 is a CCFL LCd, most TVs nowadays are (edge lit) LED LCd's. The EX640/HX750 are Edge Lit, the BX520 is a CCFL. I would suggest a Edge Lit with Local Dimming, a Full Array with Local Dimming or a Plasma.

i own a XBR5 and a XBR8, LED has a slightly different look then CCFL.

Why LED does not mean a better picture:

LED TVs compared:
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great article, I especially like this quote:

"Just know that CCFL-based LCDs and plasmas aren't dim, they're just less bright. This is especially important if you're looking at the TVs in a store, where the added brightness of the LEDs is going to bias your eye toward them. At home, the higher contrast ratio of plasmas will likely look a lot better."
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Hi Mile,

Thank you for your response. I really appreciate it.

I guess I just need some help in choosing which TV would be the best (most comparable) replacement for the XBR4. When we got our XBR4, it was "the TV" at the store, and now to have to replace it less than 4 years later -- it is upsetting. I am confused with all of the "technologies" and simply want a comparable TV to replace it with. They gave me a paper that lists all the specs of the two TV's that they are offering.

Full HD 1080
X-Reality Picture Engine
Dynamic Edge - Led Backlight
MotionFlow xr 480

Full HD 1080
Clear Resolution Enhancer Picture Engine
Edge - LED Backlight
Motionflow xr 240

Here are the specs for the XBR4:
Full HD 1080p, Motionflow™ 120Hz, BRAVIA Engine™ PRO, 10-bit display panel and processing, x.v.Color™ capability, Deep Color (HDMI v1.3 option), 1080/24p input capable, PhotoTV HD, changeable designer color bezels.

Do you have any advice on which TV might be comparable to the XBR4? I am so lost and have no clue as to which one to pick. I just do not want to feel like I am being given a TV that is a step down. They are offering a straight exchange with the EX640, or the HX750 + 300 dollars. Do these TV's sound like a fair offer?
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This is why sometimes store warranties are kinda crappy, as the store will always try to low ball you with feature-for-feature instead of what you paid for your TV. The XBR4 was the top of the line back then, and what they're offering you now is mid range at best. But it's somewhat fair because you could be getting more TV as technology has progressed, you certainly are getting a slightly bigger TV (52" -> 55"). The issue is whether they'd be willing to do better.

The top of the line Sony these days is the HX929 but of course they're not going to offer you that. I wonder if you can approach them and suggest a half way point, possibly taking into account what you originally paid for the XBR4, in the HX850 which is a very nice TV and certainly more in line with the calibre of TV you originally paid for. I personally would be willing to pay more to get the HX850 even if they don't offer it, as it has local dimming. I'm personally not a fan of edge-lit LED/LCD TVs but the HX850 is the best I've seen in that type.

Something to consider; you might want to float the idea that you'd get their warranty again on the new set which should give you a lot more negotiating leverage.
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HX750 vs EX640 side by side comparison here http://tv-compare.blogspot.com/2012/07/kdl-55hx750-vs-kdl-55ex640.html
IMHO, if you don't need 3D save some money and go for EX640
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Originally Posted by TerrenceQ View Post

HX750 vs EX640 side by side comparison here http://tv-compare.blogspot.com/2012/07/kdl-55hx750-vs-kdl-55ex640.html
IMHO, if you don't need 3D save some money and go for EX640

That link has questionable info. It says the HX750 has local dimming when in fact it doesn't. You have to step up to the HX850 to get local dimming.
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Thanks so much for your response. I really appreciate your input because I wasn't sure if what they were offering was a fair deal. I know, I wish they would replace the TV with the newest one, but I just do not think that they will. The salesman was explaining to me that the technology has changed so much in the last few years, and that the evolution of the TVs for Sony do not follow a linear line. Meaning, it is not as simple as substituting TV A for TV B. So, it left me confused. He explained that we will be getting an "upgrade" concerning size of TV, but it also seems to me that they don't even manufacture a 52 inch anymore. So, how is that an upgrade. Know what I mean?

I am not trying to get something for nothing, or rip them off... I just really want a fair replacement for the amount of money it cost us only a few years ago.

I will have to see what happens with all of this. I almost feel like saying "well, what is the purpose of our warranty then!" We paid x-amount of dollars for the warranty, and now we have to pay again to get a TV that is of the same quality? I don't know, it is just upsetting and confusing.

But, I sure appreciate all of your help!
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