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new home; new audio setup

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Just wondering if there are any reccomendations for audio switchers. I'm building a setup with CQC (Charmedquark.com). Basically, I'll have a multichannel audiocard that CQC will load up and be available for different rooms to request music from. What I need is an audio switcher; four channels would be sufficient, but 6-8 would be better. It should have rs232 control as well. IR would be a minimum if no rs232 is available.

Let's assume I have 4 'ports' in the control software controlling 4 outputs from the audio card which are connected to an amp or self powered speakers. Room 1 has control of port 1, etc. It can request whatever music it wants and the control software will deliver it via the dedicated port. Each room will work this way. Additionally, I should be able to over-ride, and tell all 4 rooms to play the music from source 1, 2, 3, or 4 (whole house audio).

Any suggestions on hardware necessary for this? I have a CE labs AV switcher. It's 4x2, so not enough outputs but overkill on video; don't need video yet. There are a number of 4x4 and 8x8 matrixes out there, but they all drive audio and video and I don't want to pay for functionality I don't need. It must be able to set output of any channel to input of any channel, as well as multiple outputs to a single input.

Thanks for any thoughts/comments,

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Solve this with one box - a whole house audio controller/amp:

HTD has excellent solutions (just the controller/amp without the keypads, etc.):


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+1, I believe HTD offers amp/controllers with RS232 control. Maybe someone in the CQC forum has tackled it?
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Those are pretty slick, I searched and it looks like someone has already written a driver for it. It's not listed on CQC's website, but there are references to it in their forum. Now I just need to decide on how to power and select. For these rooms, I think simple audio control is the ticket... no need for a full-on CQC interface. Squeezebox duet looks pretty slick and CQC has an interface for those. I just need to figure out how to tie it all together with multiple controls. Duet for when in-room, and CQC for when using whole-house or paging.
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